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09-11-2023 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | News

Continental Takes Over Robotics Speciality Division

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Continental acquires Kinexon's specialist division for the "Brain" on-board operating system, thereby further expanding its expertise in the field of autonomous, mobile robots.

Continental has announced the acquisition of Kinexon's specialist division for on-board operating systems for the intelligent control of autonomous mobile robots (AMR). The focus is on the "Brain" on-board operating system for the precise and networked control of autonomous, mobile transport robots. In addition, the division's development team is moving from Kinexon to Continental. This will strengthen the company's own position in the field of mobile robotics. 

According to Continental, the acquisition will further accelerate the introduction of new functionalities and the expansion of the product portfolio within robotics for intralogistics. The partnership between Kinexon and Continental will continue even after the acquisition of the "Brain" on-board operating system. Continental had announced its entry into the market for AMR in the intralogistics sector in 2021.


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