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28-11-2023 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | News

BMW Starts Sample Production of Round Cells

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This is a partly automated translation of this German article by dpa.

BMW starts production of battery cell samples in Parsdorf. The new round cells are to be used in the Neue Klasse models from 2025.

In two years, BMW plans to launch a fundamentally new generation of electric cars on the market, with 30 % more range and charging speed. Board Member for Production Milan Nedeljkovic has now started sample production of the battery cells required for this in Parsdorf near Munich. The competence center for battery cell production is testing the industrial production of the battery cells developed by BMW itself, which are to be used in the "Neue Klasse" models from 2025. Frank Weber, Board Member for Development, said that "we will then scale up the best product towards series production in Parsdorf".

The car manufacturer will purchase the cells for the batteries at a later date. However, the pilot line will enable BMW to optimize the battery cell it has developed itself together with the future suppliers. Experts from purchasing, research, development and production work together in Parsdorf. The long-term goal is a fully recyclable battery cell, the company announced. This is also economically necessary in view of the expensive raw materials. BMW has already produced its first battery cells from 100 % recycled cathode material.

Round Cells Are Used in the "New Class"

During cell production, graphite for the anode and nickel oxides for the cathode are first mixed with binders and solvents and applied to wafer-thin metal foils, "thinner than the threads of a spider's web". The coated foils are then inserted into the cell housing, which is filled with electrolyte. The tubular battery cells are around ten centimeters high. They are then assembled by BMW into large, heavy high-voltage storage units in its own battery factories near the car factories. The first models of the "New Class" are to roll off the production line in Debrecen, Hungary, and at the main plant in Munich.



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