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09-08-2018 | Automotive Manufacturing | News | Article

Audi and Ericsson Test 5G in Production

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Together car manufacturer Audi and communications technology company Ericsson aim to investigate the potential for network technology and mobile connectivity 5G in automobile production. For this purpose, a 5G radio cell test field has been set up.

The project from Audi and Ericsson aims to test the possibilities for 5G technology for industrial applications in smart factories. “The fully networked factory will have a significant impact on the production of the future. A powerful network architecture that can respond in real time is of decisive importance for us,” said Frank Lyodl, Audi’s Chief Information Officer.

The next generation of mobile technology is particularly interesting for Industry 4.0 applications, as well as for the networking of machines in the wireless production of the future. Alongside faster data, 5G offers increased network capacity, lower latencies and promises more secure availability. 

During testing at the Audi Production Lab in Gaimersheim, Germany, the main focus will be on the interaction between an industrial robot and an adhesive application. Latency will be the main priority during these tests. Through this, the car manufacturer hopes to explore whether 5G can be used in other Audi Group factories.


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