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08-11-2017 | Automotive Manufacturing | News | Article

Torsional Welding for Thinner Automotive Trim

Andreas Burkert

In future, Magna’s special torsion welding process is intended to combine even thinner plastics, thereby enabling the production of lighter automotive trim.  

Automotive supplier Magna has developed a weight-saving, low-cost torsional welding process to combine thermoplastic materials. The torsional welding process developed by Magna at its plant in Liberec in the Czech Republic works through a high-speed twisting motion that creates sufficient frictional heat to join a plastic bracket to a fascia. According to the company, some 10 percent in weight can be saved by enabling thinner materials to be combined.

Saving weight is particularly important since an increasing number of sensors has to be accommodated on the outer skin of modern and in future self-driving vehicles. Torsional welding is being used to produce the fascia of the 2017 Skoda Octavia. Magna sees future potential in also combining materials of a similar composition.

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