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18-10-2023 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | News

Mercedes-Benz Relies on Digital Production

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Mercedes-Benz continues to develop its digital ecosystem MO360. Digital twins are used in the production of the new MMA platform in the plants.

The Mercedes-Benz plants in Rastatt (Germany), Kecskemét (Hungary) and Beijing (China) will produce the new models on the Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) platform from 2025. To this end, a "digital-first" approach is being pursued in the MO360 production system. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Rastatt uses the digital twin to prepare for the start-up of next-generation vehicles and thus to modify, configure and optimize the plants in advance. In doing so, the exact position of machines, supply routes and production lines can be determined in advance without having to interrupt ongoing production. The virtual commissioning in Rastatt serves as a blueprint for the global production network. The new production techniques were developed together with Nvidia. 

For the plant expansion at the Kecskemét site in Hungary, for example, a completely digital representation of the entire hall was created. Here, too, assembly areas can be planned, converted and tested virtually. In addition, artificial intelligence was introduced in the paint shop area in Rastatt. In the topcoat booths, the AI took over the monitoring of the relevant sub-processes in a pilot test. This resulted in energy savings of 20 % compared to conventional PLC control. In addition, the Operating System (MB.OS) will be used for the first time in series production: Here, the software is used in cyclically timed software packages in production. Thanks to the direct connection of production to the Mercedes Intelligent Cloud (MIC), all vehicles leave production "always up-to-date". The MIC is directly connected to the MO360 data platform within the development, production and fleet operation network.


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