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22-08-2019 | Industry 4.0 | News | Article

Screws Go Digital

A new screw for direct fastening into plastic offers excellent connection properties and flexible assembly options. Joins can be calculated in advance, which means the system can be verified during early-stage development.

21-08-2019 | Ergonomics + HMI | News | Article

Bosch presents new 3D in-car display at the IAA

Bosch presents its new 3D display for vehicle cockpits at the IAA 2019. The passive 3D technology enhances convenience and safety, and works without additional features such as eye tracking or 3D glasses.

19-08-2019 | Battery | News | Article

Full Throttle with Flame-Retardant Polycarbonates

Electric vehicles not only prevent local emissions, they can also be fun. The design of a racing car's traction battery is one of the most important components for the course of the race. The construction of the battery uses flame-retardant materials.

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12-11-2019 - 13-11-2019 | Electro Mobility | Editor´s Pick | Mannheim | Event

Grid Integration of Electric Mobility 2019

4th International ATZ Conference - Electric mobility is one of the most outstanding industrial topics of the present.

12-11-2019 - 13-11-2019 | Electro Mobility | Editor´s Pick | Mannheim | Event

Electrified Mobility 2019

Digitization and Electrification for Sustainable Mobility - 
2. International ATZ Congress

19-11-2019 - 20-11-2019 | Automotive Manufacturing | Editor´s Pick | Frankfurt am Main | Event

Vehicles of Tomorrow 2019

What must sustainable concepts look like in order to meet future mobility requirements?
Concepts - Materials - Construction

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