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03-12-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

BMW Provides a Glimpse of the BMW iX Electric SUV

Fitted with a two-motor electric drive, the BMW iX should offer a WLTP range of over 600 kilometres. This top-of-the-line electric model is due to come on the market in late 2021. 

02-12-2020 | Battery | News | Article

New Lithium-Ion Batteries Triple the Range of Electric Cars

The Sald batteries, developed by Fraunhofer and TNO, will increase the range of future electric cars to over 1,000 km. One of the features that have enabled this development is a new nano-coating. 

01-12-2020 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Mahle Develops Immersion Cooling for Faster Battery Charging Times

Immersion cooling is said to enable both faster charging times for batteries and reduced costs. According to Mahle, this technology paves the way for a completely new generation of battery systems.

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27-01-2021 - 28-01-2021 | Electro Mobility | Editor´s Pick | Mannheim | Event

Grid Integration + Electrified Mobility

Sustainability-Check 2021  - Perfect interaction between traffic concepts, vehicles with electrified powertrains, and infrastructure is the precondition for broad-based market success. To provide participants with space for an interdisciplinary dialogue, ATZlive is now offering an even broader platform. 

27-01-2021 - 28-01-2021 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Hanau | Event

The Powertrain of Tomorrow

Thinking in Systems - Increasingly stringent legislation on CO2 emissions are causing a paradigm change in powertrain development. Electrification is broadening the global drive mix with and without combustion engines.

23-02-2021 - 24-02-2021 | Engine Technology | Editor´s Pick | Baden-Baden | Event

8th International Engine Congress

Meeting Place for the Engine Community- Due to the current situation created by Covid-19, the I8th International Engine Congress from 23. - 24. February 2020 in Baden-Baden  will take place as a hybrid event this year.

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