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31-03-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

GM Introduces Modular E-Drive System with Ultium Batteries

Car manufacturer General Motors has introduced a new platform for battery electric vehicles. It integrates a modular drive system and GM's Ultium batteries.

31-03-2020 | Engine Components | News | Article

Reusable Plastic Spin-On Oil Filter Module Developed

BASF and Hengst have designed the world's first reusable plastic spin-on oil filter module for passenger cars. The Blue.on module is already being used by leading car manufacturers.

24-03-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

Adhesive Technology for Innovative Electric Vehicle

The Bodo Möller Chemie Group, industry provider of speciality chemicals and complete solutions, is collaborating with the American e-mobility start-up Canoo on the development of a new electric van scheduled to come on the market in 2021.

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16-06-2020 - 18-06-2020 | Mobility Concepts | Editor´s Pick | Stuttgart | Event

Sustainable Internal Combustion Symposium

The Sustainable Internal Combustion Engine Symposium discusses and debates the future of gasoline, diesel and alternative-fuel IC engines.

23-06-2020 - 24-06-2020 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Munich | Event plus 2020

11th International Munich Chassis Symposium - To provide an exchange of ideas on the very latest topics, the symposium will be bringing together a large number of experts.

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