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02-12-2021 | Companies + Institutions | News | Article

Bosch Expands Production Capacities for Semiconductors

Supplier Bosch is responding to rising demand for semiconductors by investing more than 400 million in its semiconductor sites in 2022. This is intended to significantly increase the production of chips.

30-11-2021 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Audi to Offer the A8 Facelift in China in a Horch Version

The Audi A8 has been given a facelift. Above all, the lighting technology of the luxury sedan has been further upgraded. Chinese customers can now choose a special Horch version.

26-11-2021 | Commercial Vehicles | News | Article

TU Munich Researching Charging of E-trucks in the Megawatt Range

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich are working on prototypes of a truck with an electric drive and a corresponding charging column. This is intended to enable ultra-fast charging in the megawatt range.

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08-12-2021 | Mobility Concepts | Editor´s Pick | Event

Sustainability in Automotive

Automobile manufacturers, their suppliers and engineering service providers are increasingly gearing their business towards sustainability. In this web conference, we will present the current developments in the industry and discuss the next steps.

22-02-2022 - 23-02-2022 | Engine Technology | Editor´s Pick | Baden-Baden | Event

9th International Engine Congress

Meeting Place for the Engine Community- The "International Engine Congress" from 22. - 23.  February 2021 in Baden-Baden focuses not only on approaching the internal combustion engine comprehensively and systematically, but also on drivetrain electrification.

05-04-2022 - 06-04-2022 | Automotive | Editor´s Pick | Wiesbaden | Event

Automated Driving 2022

8th International ATZ Conference -Mobility and Vehicle Concepts of Tomorrow

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