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07-08-2020 | Electric Engine | News | Article

G+L innotec Develops Fuel Cell Media Gap Motor

G+L innotec is developing a media gap motor as part of a collaborative project with other partners. The motor is intended to optimise the efficiency of the fuel cell and significantly extend its service life. 

06-08-2020 | Electric Vehicles | News | Article

New E-SUV BMW iX3 Provides Range of up to 460 km

BMW has unveiled its serial model of the iX3 electric SUV featuring fifth-generation eDrive technology with an electric synchronous motor. It will be produced in China. 

30-07-2020 | Hybrid Drive | News | Article

Edag and Hexagon Purus Research a Flexible Hybrid Accumulator

As part of a research project, Edag and Hexagon Purus hope to develop a hybrid accumulator that can be used in future fuel cell hybrid vehicles. 

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10-11-2020 - 11-11-2020 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Mannheim | Event

Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-Highway Engines

15th International MTZ Conference -Internal combustion engines and their alternatives

Manufacturers of large engines and related components face mounting pressures: they are expected to meet rising demands for engine output, while also reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

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