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11-01-2022 | Vehicle Security | News | Article

Svolt and Soteria BIG Improve Lithium-ion Battery Safety

Svolt and Soteria Battery Innovation Group are improving battery safety. The use of novel separators and arrester films are designed to prevent thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries.

10-01-2022 | Automotive Manufacturing | News | Article

Porsche and Ericsson Test 5G in Production

Porsche has started up a 5G research network with Ericsson at its Leipzig plant. The private network enables the transmission of signals in real time and is initially being tested in the body shop.

06-01-2022 | Electro Mobility | News | Article

Ionity Plans 5500 New Fast Charging Stations in Europe

The shareholders of charging infrastructure provider Ionity are investing a total of 700 million euros in stronger growth. By 2025, Ionity plans to operate around 5500 new fast charging stations in Europe, each with a charging capacity of 350 kW.

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22-02-2022 - 23-02-2022 | Engine Technology | Editor´s Pick | Baden-Baden | Event

9th International Engine Congress

Meeting Place for the Engine Community- The "International Engine Congress" from 22. - 23.  February 2021 in Baden-Baden focuses not only on approaching the internal combustion engine comprehensively and systematically, but also on drivetrain electrification.

05-04-2022 - 06-04-2022 | Automotive | Editor´s Pick | Wiesbaden | Event

Automated Driving 2022

8th International ATZ Conference -Mobility and Vehicle Concepts of Tomorrow

10-05-2022 - 11-05-2022 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Event

Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow

16th International MTZ Congress Future Drives
Shaping the future open to all technologies

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