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Dieter Flämig (left) and Alexander Yu Li (right), InfraMobility-Dianba

30-09-2022 | Battery | Interview | Article

"In China, 80% of automakers are switching to battery swapping"

InfraMobility-Dianba, together with TotalEnergies, plans to implement the first European battery swap station for 465 swaps daily at Berlin's BER Airport. The first target group is e-taxis. Dieter Flämig and Alexander Yu Li explain in an interview why battery swapping has a future.

Manual cell production in the battery pilot plant at KIT

29-09-2022 | Materials | News | Article

New Process Enables Higher Recycling Rates for Batteries

The "LiBinfinity" project is developing a holistic concept for recycling traction battery materials. This improves the sustainability of electromobility and reduces raw material dependencies.

Ferrari Purosangue

27-09-2022 | Automotive Engineering | News | Article

Ferrari Presents the Four-Door Crossover Purosangue

Ferrari has unveiled the new Purosangue, the first four-door crossover with four seats from Maranello. The crossover is powered by a 533 kW (725 PS) naturally aspirated V12 engine.

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16-11-2022 - 17-11-2022 | Automotive Engineering | Editor´s Pick | Event

Heavy-Duty, On- and Off-Highway Engines

The current status of the energy transition in the heavy-duty sector - Due to the current situation created by Covid-19, the "17th International MTZ Conference on Heavy-Duty Engines 2022" will take place as a hybrid event this year.

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28-03-2023 - 29-03-2023 | Automotive Engineering | Verlagsangebot | Event

Powertrains and Energy Systems of Tomorrow

17th International MTZ Congress on Future Powertrains
Shaping the future open to all technologies

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20-06-2023 - 21-06-2023 | Automotive Engineering | Verlagsangebot | Munich | Event plus 2023

14th International Munich Chassis Symposium - 
In chassis development, the three aspects of safety, vehicle dynamics and driving comfort are at the top of the list of challenges to be faced.

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