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05-04-2022 - 06-04-2022 | Automotive | Editor´s Pick | Wiesbaden | Event

Automated Driving 2022

8th International ATZ Conference
Mobility and Vehicle Concepts of Tomorrow


Automated driving helps to prevent accidents. What is more, AI-assisted robotic cars also form the basis for data-driven business models at OEMs. In order to be successful, concepts for future mobility solutions need to be developed from the perspective of user groups, urban and rural regions, and targeted business models. The focus must be on road safety and efficient performance, as well as on ecological, economic, and social sustainability. As an information and communication platform, the 8th International ATZ Conference “Automated Driving” at 5./6. April 2022 in Wiesbaden is dedicated to the key aspects of the mobility transformation.

 Main subject areas:

  • Ssituation recognation and analysis
  • automated driving decisions
  • new vehicle and interior concepts
  • mobility experience and business models

Wiesbaden, Germany

Further informations and registration:

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