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Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robots 3/2002

Issue 3/2002

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

01-05-2002 | Issue 3/2002

Distributed Algorithms for Multi-Robot Observation of Multiple Moving Targets

Lynne E. Parker

01-05-2002 | Issue 3/2002

Qualitative Navigation for Autonomous Wheelchair Robots in Indoor Environments

Nikitas M. Sgouros

01-05-2002 | Issue 3/2002

Map Management for Efficient Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

Gamini Dissanayake, Stefan B. Williams, Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Tim Bailey

01-05-2002 | Issue 3/2002

Fast, On-Line Learning of Globally Consistent Maps

Tom Duckett, Stephen Marsland, Jonathan Shapiro

01-05-2002 | Issue 3/2002

Gait Adaptation in a Quadruped Robot

M. Anthony Lewis, George A. Bekey

01-05-2002 | Issue 3/2002

A Social Robot that Stands in Line

Yasushi Nakauchi, Reid Simmons

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