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29-09-2020 | Spareinlagen | Nachricht | Article

Großteil der Deutschen hat Geld im Sparstrumpf

Die Bundesrepublik bleibt ein Land der Sparer. Das zeigt die aktuelle Statista Global Consumer Survey. Ein Fünftel würde sogar mehr Geld zurücklegen. Doch diesen Menschen fehlt es am nötigen Einkommen. 

28-09-2020 | Wertpapiergeschäft | Im Fokus | Article

Wertpapierabwicklung arbeitet häufig unrentabel

Der Middle- und Backoffice-Bereich der Wertpapierabwicklung verursacht 70 bis 80 Prozent der Kosten. Dennoch machen nur wenige Banken in Europa mittels Outsourcing oder neuen Technologien diesen Bereich effizienter, sagt eine aktuelle Untersuchung.

24-09-2020 | Wealth Management | Interview | Article

"Die nächste Generation will Finanzen in Echtzeit verwalten"

Im Wealth Management der Banken galt bisher, dass Entscheidungen über Kapitalanlagen am besten im persönlichen Gespräch zwischen Berater und Kunde stattfinden. Nun gerät auch diese Form des Bankservices in den Digitalisierungssog.

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01-12-2020 | Research | Issue 1/2020 Open Access

Physical-Layer-Security Box: a concept for time-frequency channel-reciprocity key generation

The motivation for this study about Physical Layer Security comes from bridging the gap between the vast theory and a feasible implementation. We propose a Physical-Layer-Security Box as a system-level Box is a system-level solution, named …

25-09-2020 | Regular Article

The effect of a credit policy change on microenterprise upward transition and growth: evidence from Indonesia

This paper attempts to establish a causal relationship between a government micro and small enterprises (MSEs) credit promotion policy and MSEs’ upward transitions and growth. Indonesian firm level data in conjunction with the cancellation of a …

25-09-2020 Open Access

Avoiding taxes: banks’ use of internal debt

This paper investigates how multinational banks use internal debt to shift profits to low-taxed affiliates. Using regulatory data on multinational banks headquartered in Germany, we show that banks use this tax avoidance channel more aggressively …

21-09-2020 | Original Research

Automatically running experiments on checking multi-party contracts

Contracts play an important role in business management where relationships among different parties are dictated by legal rules. Electronic contracts have emerged mostly due to technological advances and electronic trading between companies and …

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2020 | Chapter

1970 to 1990: Development Finance in Crisis and the Search for a New Paradigm

This chapter explores the challenges to early development finance strategies that relied on project loans and development finance corporations (DFCs). Using recently declassified archival documents, the chapter analyzes how a lack of standardized …

2021 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

A Different Kind of Sea-Level Story from Malaysia

In many countries of Southeast Asia, the sea is the primary source of food and center of the community. Life is very simple and intertwined with the ocean’s moods. So many people depend on this sea, day after day, generation after generation …

2020 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Problems and Challenges China Faces in the Middle-Income Stage

The report to 18th CPC National Congress made it clear that speeding up the transformation of the mode of economic development was an important measure to implement the inherent requirements of the scientific concept of development and promote …

2020 | OriginalPaper | Chapter

Some Basic Mathematical Exercises

This chapter begins with drill exercises—those used to drill students until they acquire the necessary skills to move on. Drill exercises can range from the mundane, through word problems designed either to illustrate the situations in which the …

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09-02-2017 | Bank-IT | Editor´s Pick | Video

Bundesbankvorstand Andreas Dombret im Bankmagazin-Interview

Bundesbank-Vorstandsmitglied Andreas Dombret zur IT-Sicherheit in Kreditinstituten. Der Finanzexperte ist überzeugt davon, dass Cyberattacken eine Bedrohung sind. Denn sie können hohe Schäden in der Finanzbranche verursachen.

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