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1. Basics of Content Marketing

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Content marketing is a marketing discipline that has gained increasing importance in recent years and tries to achieve marketing goals with non-advertising, rather editorial-journalistic content. Content marketing is a strategic approach that is implemented on the website, in social media and in various formats.

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For a more precise distinction between advertising communication and content marketing, see also later in Sect. 2.​3.​2.​1.
For the conceptual distinction between strategy and tactics, see Mintzberg: “[…] ‘strategy’ refers to the important things, ‘tactics’ to the details […]”, Mintzberg (1987, p. 11).
The list of examples, processes and procedures etc. cannot serve as the basis for the definition of technical terms in a scientific sense. Because “tight normative ideas, prejudices, personal opinions or even exemplary descriptions of manual activities as part of definitions do not meet such requirements” (Fröhlich Romy 2015, p. 108).
The CMI is not an institute that has emerged from the scientific environment, as the name might suggest. Rather, it is a commercial “global content marketing education and training organization” (Content Marketing Institute). However, the Content Marketing Institute and its founder Joe Pulizzi have made a name for themselves with high-quality posts to content marketing and very early publications on this topic.
As we will see later, we need to make a more precise distinction here between, on the one hand, the offered and advertised individual products and, on the other hand, whole product groups or categories. So the communication of advantages of a certain e-bike model would not be content marketing (but advertising communication), while the discussion of (possibly even the same) advantages of e-bikes as a whole product group would certainly be content marketing. See also Sect. 3.​3.​2.
Partly this is due to a false understanding, partly but probably also deliberately, after all, the revision of product texts can be sold better by agencies under the (false) term content marketing. But this should not obscure the fact that it is still not a correct classification.
For communication and, in particular, its comprehensibility, the book by Ballstaedt (2019) is recommended.
This distinction between content and format may sound very theoretical at first, but it is of practical relevance when it comes to marketing efficiency. For example, once researched or elaborated content can be implemented in different formats—or, in other words, multiple use and thus efficient work is possible.
See also the communication model by Ballstaedt (2019, p. 23).
Basics of Content Marketing
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