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08-09-2023 | Battery | Editor´s Pick | News

CATL Battery Charges 400 km Range in 10 Minutes

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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CATL has unveiled the new battery Shenxing. The LFP battery is said to provide a range of 400 km on a 10-minute charge and a range of over 700 km on a single full charge.

Chinese battery manufacturer CATL says it has ushered in the "era of EV superfast charging." The new Shenxing lithium iron phosphate battery is said to combine super-fast charging with high energy density. CATL claims a charge rate of 4 C for the new battery. The battery is said to be able to be charged to 80 % SoC in 10 min at room temperature, enabling a range of 400 km. At temperatures as low as -10 °C, the process is said to be completed after 30 min.

CATL mentions several optimizations of the cell chemistry. Accordingly, the nano-crystallized LFP cathode material is said to facilitate the extraction of lithium ions and a fast response to charging signals. An optimized graphite surface enlarges the intercalation channels and shortens the intercalation distance for lithium ions. In addition, the viscosity of the electrolyte was improved and a very thin separator was developed. Production of the new battery is scheduled to begin in 2023, making it available in new vehicles from 2024.


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