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BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte

BHM Berg- und Hüttenmännische Monatshefte 3/2020

Issue 3/2020

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

03-03-2020 | Editorial | Issue 3/2020

Metal Additive Manufacturing Conference 2019, ASMET, Leoben, Austria

Gerhard Hackl, Bruno Hribernik

03-03-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Production Tools Made by Additive Manufacturing Through Laser-based Powder Bed Fusion

Nader Asnafi, Jukka Rajalampi, David Aspenberg, Anton Alveflo

05-03-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Additive Manufacturing of a Low-alloyed Engineering Steel

Christin Aumayr, Jan Platl, Horst Zunko, Christoph Turk

10-02-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020

Optimization of LPB/SLM Process and Maraging Steel Powders for Plastic Injection Moulds

Valentina Vicario, Daniele Miceli

17-02-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020

Influence of Material Properties on the Spheroidisation Process in Gas Atomisation

Dr.mont. Martin Dopler

18-02-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Study on The Influence of the Blade on Powder Layers Built in Powder Bed Fusion Processes for Additive Manufacturing

Marco Mitterlehner, Herbert Danninger, Christian Gierl-Mayer, Johannes Frank, Wolfgang Tomischko

18-02-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020

Properties of Laser Metal Fused AlSi10Mg Alloy Processed Using Different Heat Treatments

Massimo Pellizzari, Massimo Malfatti, Carlo Lora, Faraz Deirmina

25-02-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020 Open Access

Microstructure Investigations of Powders and Additive Manufactured Parts

M. Albu, S. Mitsche, M. Nachtnebel, R. Krisper, M. Dienstleder, H. Schröttner, G. Kothleitner

28-02-2020 | Originalarbeit | Issue 3/2020

From Melt Pool to Microstructure to Mechanical Properties: A Simulative Approach to L-PBF Processed Material Behaviour

Jonas Zielinski M.Sc., Dr. Guillaume Boussinot, Dr. Gottfried Laschet, Dr. Markus Apel, Prof. Dr. Johannes Henrich Schleifenbaum

03-03-2020 | Neues aus der Industrie | Issue 3/2020

Neues aus der Industrie

17-02-2020 | Neues von der Montanuniversität | Issue 3/2020

Neues von der Montanuniversität

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