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Biodiversity and Conservation

Biodiversity and Conservation 10/2019

Issue 10/2019

Table of Contents ( 16 Articles )

17-06-2019 | Editorial | Issue 10/2019

The seventh plenary of the intergovernmental platform for biodiversity and ecosystem services (IPBES-7): a global assessment and a reshaping of IPBES

Peter Bridgewater, Adeline Loyau, Dirk S. Schmeller

12-06-2019 | Review Paper | Issue 10/2019 Open Access

Protected area conflicts: a state-of-the-art review and a proposed integrated conceptual framework for reclaiming the role of geography

Marcin Rechciński, Joanna Tusznio, Małgorzata Grodzińska-Jurczak

10-06-2019 | Review Paper | Issue 10/2019

The procedure of compiling the Red List of microscopic algae of the Czech Republic

Josef Juráň, Jan Kaštovský

20-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Human activity and climate change as determinants of spatial prioritization for the conservation of globally threatened birds in the southern Neotropic (Santa Fe, Argentina)

Maximiliano A. Cristaldi, Juan A. Sarquis, Vanesa Arzamendia, Gisela P. Bellini, Alejandro R. Giraudo

21-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Endangered bird mortality by gunshots: still a current problem

Alfonso Balmori

22-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Prioritizing research gaps for national conservation management and policy: the managers’ perspective in Estonia

Asko Lõhmus, Herdis Fridolin, Agu Leivits, Kristjan Tõnisson, Riinu Rannap

25-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Well-sampled regions risk loosing key biological data: a case study in the Atlantic Forest

Ravi Fernandes Mariano, Marco Aurélio Leite Fontes, Rubens Manoel dos Santos, Carolina Njaime Mendes, Aloysio Souza de Moura, Daniel Mendonça Torres, Leandro Bortoli de Freitas, Ana Carolina Maioli Campos Barbosa, Warley Augusto Caldas Carvalho

03-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

The key role of protection status in safeguarding the ecological functions of some Neotropical mammals

Mariana B. Nagy-Reis, Milton Cezar Ribeiro, Eleonore Z. F. Setz, Adriano G. Chiarello

06-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Assessment of the biocultural value of traditional agricultural landscape on a plot-by-plot level: case studies from Slovakia

Marta Dobrovodská, Róbert Kanka, Stanislav David, Jozef Kollár, Jana Špulerová, Dagmar Štefunková, Matej Mojses, František Petrovič, Anton Krištín, Slavomír Stašiov, Ľuboš Halada, Peter Gajdoš

29-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Niche breadth and vertebrate sensitivity to habitat modification: signals from multiple taxa across replicated landscapes

Kenneth F. Kellner, Joseph E. Duchamp, Robert K. Swihart

30-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Snow cover phenology is the main driver of foraging habitat selection for a high-alpine passerine during breeding: implications for species persistence in the face of climate change

Jaime Resano-Mayor, Fränzi Korner-Nievergelt, Sergio Vignali, Nathan Horrenberger, Arnaud G. Barras, Veronika Braunisch, Claire A. Pernollet, Raphaël Arlettaz

03-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Indirect commensalism between an introduced apex predator and a native avian predator

James D. Rees, Glenyss L. Rees, Richard T. Kingsford, Mike Letnic

06-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Exploring the drivers of vascular plant richness at very fine spatial scale in sub-Mediterranean limestone grasslands (Central Apennines, Italy)

Goffredo Filibeck, Marta G. Sperandii, Manuele Bazzichetto, Leone D. Mancini, Francesco Rossini, Laura Cancellieri

07-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Evaluating the efficacy of translocation: maintaining habitat key to long-term success for an imperiled population of an at-risk species

Laura Grant, Chris Johnson, Conrad Thiessen

07-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 10/2019

Dung beetle responses to successional stages in the Amazon rainforest

Bruna Santos Bitencourt, Pedro Giovâni da Silva, Elder Ferreira Morato, Ysadhora Gomes de Lima

29-05-2019 | Correction | Issue 10/2019

Correction to: Decline of rare and specialist species across multiple taxonomic groups after grassland intensification and abandonment

Andreas Hilpold, Julia Seeber, Veronika Fontana, Georg Niedrist, Alexander Rief, Michael Steinwandter, Erich Tasser, Ulrike Tappeiner

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