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28-11-2022 | Original Paper

DNA barcodes reveal the hidden arthropod diversity in a threatened cactus forest of the central Andes

Desert ecosystems are currently threatened by human activities resulting in the rapid decline of xerophytic plants and specialized fauna. In South America, the demise of cactus species already resulted in the population decline of > 30% of the …

Open Access 27-11-2022 | Original Paper

Large-scale spatial patterns of riverine communities: niche versus geographical distance

Freshwater ecosystems are among the most threatened ecosystems on Earth. Effective conservation strategies are essential to reverse this trend and should be based on sound knowledge of biodiversity patterns and the main drivers structuring them.

25-11-2022 | Original Research

Effectiveness of higher-taxon approach on ants and sample size effect: an assessment in Brazilian biomes and states

The effect of human activities on the suppression of biodiversity is visibly evident throughout the world. Monitoring and conservation services are usually expensive in terms of time and money, and potential savings in these areas are always …

24-11-2022 | Original Research

Appraisal of domestic and international legal institutions for promoting wildlife conservation in Bangladesh

Wildlife conservation is a big challenge for a developing country like Bangladesh. The present study claims that Bangladesh still lacks administrative, legislative, and technological capacities to protect and conserve biodiversity. This study …

Open Access 24-11-2022 | Original Paper

From diverse to simple: butterfly communities erode from extensive grasslands to intensively used farmland and urban areas

The severe biodiversity decline in European agricultural landscapes demands a specific evaluation of the various land-use practices. Many butterflies in Europe, as an important ecological indicator and pollinator taxon, require human interventions …

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