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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery 1/2017

Issue 1/2017

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

13-05-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Life cycle assessment of biomethane produced from microalgae grown in municipal waste water

Daniel Maga

07-04-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017 Open Access

Influence of coated olivine on the conversion of intermediate products from decomposition of biomass tars during gasification

Matthias Kuba, Friedrich Kirnbauer, Hermann Hofbauer

04-07-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Building block itaconic acid from left-over biomass

Giovanni B. Pedroso, Sheila Montipó, Débora Alves N. Mario, Sydney H. Alves, Ayrton F. Martins

16-10-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Response surface methodology for the optimization of the production of rubber seed/palm oil biodiesel, IDI diesel engine performance, and emissions

Ibrahim Khalil, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Suzana Yusup, Morgan Heikal, M. El-Adawy

15-07-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Isolation and characterization of alginate-degrading bacteria Sinomicrobium oceani

A. Jegatheesan, M. P. Sudhakar, C. Poonam, K. Perumal, K. Arunkumar

26-07-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Thermodynamic assessment of ethyl acetate production via ethanol dehydrogenation

R. L. Andrade, C. E. Hori, A. G. Sato, K. D. Oliveira, C. N. Ávila-Neto

15-04-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017 Open Access

Behavior of GCMS tar components in a water gas shift unit operated with tar-rich product gas from an industrial scale dual fluidized bed biomass steam gasification plant

Michael Kraussler, Matthias Binder, Hermann Hofbauer

11-08-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Valorization of glycerol from biodiesel industries as a renewable substrate for co-producing probiotic bacteria biomass and acetic acid

Juan Daniel Rivaldi, Luis C. Duarte, Rita de Cássia L.B. Rodrigues, Hélcio J. Izário Filho, Maria das Graças de Almeida Felipe, Ismael Maciel de Mancilha

04-05-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Optimisation on pretreatment of kapok seed (Ceiba pentandra) oil via esterification reaction in an ultrasonic cavitation reactor

Lai Fatt Chuah, Awais Bokhari, Suzana Yusup, Jiří Jaromír Klemeš, Majid Majeed Akbar, Sugesvarran Saminathan

06-08-2016 | Original Article | Issue 1/2017

Effect of additives on particulate matter formation of solid biofuel blends from wood and straw

Isabel Höfer, Martin Kaltschmitt

30-07-2016 | Review Article | Issue 1/2017

Productive potential and quality of rice husk and straw for biorefineries

Fernando Santos, Grazielle Machado, Douglas Faria, Jeane Lima, Nei Marçal, Emmanuel Dutra, Guilherme Souza

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