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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery

Processing of Biogenic Material for Energy and Chemistry


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01-07-2022 | Original Article

Biological potential and bio-refinery from marine macro algae Caulerpa scalpelliformis

The present investigation evaluated the toxic effect and bioactive potential of marine macro algae Caulerpa scalpelliformis. The crude methanolic extract was fractionated in diethylaminoethyl (DEAE) cellulose column chromatography using NaCl …

01-07-2022 | Original Article

Mechanical, thermal, and water absorption properties of hybrid short coconut tree primary flower leaf stalk fiber/glass fiber-reinforced unsaturated polyester composites for biomedical applications

Composites reinforced with fibers of natural or synthetic materials are gaining attention to meet the demands for lightweight materials. This present investigation focused to examine the behavior of natural fiber short alkaline treated coconut …

01-07-2022 | Original Article

Performance assessment of vegetable oil–based MQL in milling of additively manufactured AlSi10Mg for sustainable production

The precision of lightweight components produced during machining of aluminium alloy is critical as a reason of its high chemical reactivity to the tool metal when cutting. Mineral-based cutting fluids (CFs) used in the manufacturing industry …

Open Access 01-07-2022 | Original Article

Bioprocess of astaxanthin extraction from shrimp waste via the common microorganisms Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Lactobacillus acidophilus in comparison to the chemical method

This study compared microbiological and chemical methods used in astaxanthin extraction from the exoskeleton of the shrimp species Penaeus japonicus and Penaeus semisulcatus. The microbiological method was performed using Saccharomyces cerevisiae …

30-06-2022 | Original Article

Steam explosion versus hydrothermal carbonization: evaluation of applicability for pretreatment of semi-solid waste from beverage industries to facilitate on-site biogas production

Semi-solid wastes from the beverage industry, like agave bagasse or brewery spent grains, were partly turned to the liquid phase by employing hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) or steam explosion (SE). The methane release in anaerobic batch assays …

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Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery presents articles and information on research, development and applications in thermo-chemical conversion; physico-chemical conversion and bio-chemical conversion, including all necessary steps for the provision and preparation of the biomass as well as all possible downstream processing steps for the environmentally sound and economically viable provision of energy and chemical products.

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