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19-03-2020 | Original Research Paper | Issue 2/2020 Open Access

NanoEthics 2/2020

Blueprint for the Development and Sustainability of National Nanosafety Centers

NanoEthics > Issue 2/2020
Neeraj Shandilya, Effie Marcoulaki, Sven Vercauteren, Hilda Witters, Eric Johansson Salazar-Sandoval, Anna-Kaisa Viitanen, Christophe Bressot, Wouter Fransman
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This work presents a blueprint or set of guidelines for the planning and development of sustainable national centers dealing with the safety of nanomaterials and nanotechnologies toward public health and environment. The blueprint was developed following a methodological approach of EU-wide online survey and workshop with several stakeholders. The purpose was to identify the key elements and challenges in the development and sustainability of a national nanosafety center. The responses were received from representatives of 16 national nanosafety centers across Europe and 44 people from 18 EU member states who represented the stakeholder groups of researchers, academics, industry, regulators, civil society, and consultants. By providing an overview of the organizational design of existing national nanosafety centers across EU and converging demands in the field of nanosafety, the blueprint principally benefits those EU member states who do not have a national nanosafety center, but intend to develop an entity to manage the human health, environmental, ethical, and social concerns/risks toward the growing nationwide activities on engineered nanomaterials, e.g., their production, use or disposal, at national level.

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