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01-12-2019 | Formula Student Germany

Boxberg: An extremely important testing date

Published in: ATZextra worldwide | Special Issue 1/2019

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The regulations are very strict. The checklist for the "Electric" class, which is for racing cars with electric powertrains, consists of 299 items, including the dreaded rain test. This involves the car being subjected to a four-minute torrent of water. The technical approval of the racing cars, also known as scrutineering, plays a very important role in the Formula Student series. Any car that does not meet the requirements is not allowed to go down to the start. It's as simple as that. A total of 24 teams accepted the invitation to visit the Bosch proving grounds in Boxberg with the aim of ensuring that they were as well prepared as possible for the final event in Germany at the Hockenheimring. The testing workshop in Boxberg has been a permanent feature of the Formula Student calendar for several years. The two-day event on July 5 and 6 was organized by Bosch Engineering, a full subsidiary of Bosch.

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Boxberg: An extremely important testing date
Publication date
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
Published in
ATZextra worldwide / Issue Special Issue 1/2019
Print ISSN: 2195-1470
Electronic ISSN: 2195-1489

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