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19-05-2022 | Research Article

Room thermal load prediction based on analytic hierarchy process and back-propagation neural networks

Accurate prediction of the heat load is the basic premise of intelligent regulation of the heating system, which helps to realize effective management of heating, ventilation, air conditioning system. For the problem that the weight of each …

17-05-2022 | Research Article

Impact of window and air-conditioner operation behaviour on cooling load in high-rise residential buildings

Space cooling is an important building energy end-use that was found in recent years to be significantly impacted by occupant behaviours. However, the majority of previous studies ignored the interplay between the operation of windows and air …

16-05-2022 | Research Article

Comprehensive energy, economic, environmental assessment of a building integrated photovoltaic-thermoelectric system with battery storage for net zero energy building

To realize the goal of net zero energy building (NZEB), the integration of renewable energy and novel design of buildings is needed. The paths of energy demand reduction and additional energy supply with renewables are separated. In this study …

12-05-2022 | Research Article

An improved wall-mounted displacement ventilation system in a large-span machining workshop

A machining workshop requires ventilation that removes oil mist particles efficiently and conditions air to a comfortable temperature. Displacement ventilation has been reported to be highly efficient in removing airborne pollutants in a workshop.

25-04-2022 | Research Article

Evaluation of the relative differences in building energy simulation results

Building energy modeling, also known as building energy simulation, has developed rapidly in recent years and plays a crucial role in building life-cycle analysis. It can be employed in the design phase to predict the energy consumption of …

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About this journal

Building Simulation: An International Journal publishes original, high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and review articles dealing with modeling and simulation of buildings including their systems. The goal is to promote the field of building science and technology to such a level that modeling will eventually be used in every aspect of building construction as a routine instead of an exception. Of particular interest are papers that reflect recent developments and applications of modeling tools and their impact on advances of building science and technology.

Paper submission is solicited for the following five fixed sections:

A: Building thermal, lighting, and acoustics modeling

B: Building systems and components

C: Indoor/outdoor airflow and air quality

D: Architecture and human behavior

E: Advances in modeling and simulation tools

The above scope will develop as the field of building simulation evolves. Authors are encouraged to contribute papers from different angles of interest, making Building Simulation: An International Journal a dynamic channel and valuable resource for new scientific findings and engineering applications.

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