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04-05-2021 | Research Article

Numerical analysis of horizontal temperature distribution in large buildings by thermo-aeraulic zonal approach

The commercial and public services sectors including shopping centers, worship buildings, theatres, and other types, account for more than 20% of the electricity consumption in the world. These building typologies are characterized by large spaces …

26-04-2021 | Research Article

Multi-objective optimization of thermochromic glazing based on daylight and energy performance evaluation

Many efforts have been detected to investigate thermochromic (TC) glazing for improving building energy saving, while only a few approaches for daylight performance analysis. In this study, the performance of TC glazing is investigated based on …

26-04-2021 | Research Article

A novel point source oxygen supply method for sleeping environment improvement at high altitudes

The hypoxic environment at high altitudes causes various sleep disorders. Diffuse oxygen enrichment is an effective way to alleviate sleep disorders and improve the built environment in high altitude areas. In this study, a novel point source …

15-04-2021 | Research Article

Distribution characteristics of indoor oxygen concentration under natural ventilation in oxygen-enriched buildings at high altitudes

Diffuse oxygen supply is an important means to improve the indoor oxygen environment of buildings and ensure physiological and psychological health of immigrants in plateau areas. Existing research on oxygen enrichment strategies at high altitudes …

14-04-2021 | Research Article

Physics-based, data-driven approach for predicting natural ventilation of residential high-rise buildings

Natural ventilation is particularly important for residential high-rise buildings as it maintains indoor human comfort without incurring the energy demands that air-conditioning does. To improve a building’s natural ventilation, it is essential to …

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About this journal

Building Simulation: An International Journal publishes original, high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and review articles dealing with modeling and simulation of buildings including their systems. The goal is to promote the field of building science and technology to such a level that modeling will eventually be used in every aspect of building construction as a routine instead of an exception. Of particular interest are papers that reflect recent developments and applications of modeling tools and their impact on advances of building science and technology.

Paper submission is solicited for the following five fixed sections:

A: Building thermal, lighting, and acoustics modeling

B: Building systems and components

C: Indoor/outdoor airflow and air quality

D: Architecture and human behavior

E: Advances in modeling and simulation tools

The above scope will develop as the field of building simulation evolves. Authors are encouraged to contribute papers from different angles of interest, making Building Simulation: An International Journal a dynamic channel and valuable resource for new scientific findings and engineering applications.

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