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Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment

The official journal of the IAEG

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19-02-2019 | Original Paper

Load–unload response ratio characteristics of rock materials and their application in prediction of rockburst proneness

The load–unload response ratio (LURR) theory was introduced to study the rockburst proneness of rock materials, and a rockburst proneness criterion was proposed in this project. First, ten rocks (including three types of granite, three types of …

19-02-2019 | Original Paper

Supporting mechanism and mechanical behavior of a double primary support method for tunnels in broken phyllite under high geo-stress: a case study

Large squeezing deformation has always been a critical concern in the construction of deep-buried tunnels in soft-weak rock masses. This paper describes a case study on the large deformation mechanism and supporting method of the Maoxian tunnel in …

15-02-2019 | Original Paper

A new water retention model that considers pore non-uniformity and evolution of pore size distribution

Pore size distribution (PSD), which is usually measured using mercury intrusion porosimetry (MIP) tests, is often used to predict the water retention curve (WRC) of unsaturated soil. Existing models generally predict the drying path of the WRC …

15-02-2019 | Original Paper

Estimation of ground pressures on a shielded TBM in tunneling through squeezing ground and its possibility of jamming

Single- and double-shield tunnel boring machines are being increasingly considered for use in rock tunneling projects. However, one of the main concerns in using a shielded machine for excavating long and deep tunnels is the possibility of the …

14-02-2019 | Original Paper

Cluster analysis for the determination of the undrained strength tendency from SPT in mudflows and residual soils

The standard penetration test (SPT) remains one of the most commonly used field tests to obtain the shear strength properties of soils, the undrained strength (cu) being one the most SPT-N-correlated parameters for geotechnical applications. The …

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About this journal

The Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment is the official journal of the International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment and reports on the investigation, study and solution of engineering and environmental problems arising from the interaction between geology and the activities of humanity, as well as measures for the prevention or remediation of geological hazards. The journal includes but is not limited to:

  • geomorphology, structure, stratigraphy, lithology and ground water conditions of geological formations;
  • characterization of the mineralogical, physico-geomechanical, chemical and hydraulic properties of earth materials involved in construction, resource recovery and environmental change;
  • assessment of the mechanical and hydrological behaviour of soil and rock masses;
  • prediction of changes to the above properties with time;
  • determination of the parameters to be considered in analyzing the stability of engineering works and earth masses;
  • and maintenance of the environmental condition and properties of the terrain.
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