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Business & Information Systems Engineering 1/2021
Business & Information Systems Engineering

Issue 1/2021


Table of Contents (7 Articles)

Open Access 01-12-2020 | Editorial

AI-Based Information Systems
Peter Buxmann, Thomas Hess, Jason Bennett Thatcher

Open Access 22-12-2020 | Research Paper

Ready or Not, AI Comes— An Interview Study of Organizational AI Readiness Factors
Jan Jöhnk, Malte Weißert, Katrin Wyrtki

Open Access 01-12-2020 | Research Paper

Understanding Collaboration with Virtual Assistants – The Role of Social Identity and the Extended Self
Milad Mirbabaie, Stefan Stieglitz, Felix Brünker, Lennart Hofeditz, Björn Ross, Nicholas R. J. Frick

Open Access 24-11-2020 | Research Paper

Highly Accurate, But Still Discriminatory
A Fairness Evaluation of Algorithmic Video Analysis in the Recruitment Context
Alina Köchling, Shirin Riazy, Marius Claus Wehner, Katharina Simbeck

Open Access 04-12-2020 | Research Paper

Watch Me Improve—Algorithm Aversion and Demonstrating the Ability to Learn
Benedikt Berger, Martin Adam, Alexander Rühr, Alexander Benlian

05-01-2021 | Profile

Interview with Karl-Heinz Streibich on “Artificial Intelligence”
Peter Buxmann

Open Access 01-12-2020 | Catchword

City 5.0
Michael Rosemann, Jörg Becker, Friedrich Chasin

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