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Business & Information Systems Engineering

Issue 3/2022

Content (10 Articles)

Open Access Editorial

A Multi-Perspective Framework for Research on (Sustainable) Autonomous Systems

Roman Beck, Jens Dibbern, Martin Wiener

Open Access Research Paper

When Self-Humanization Leads to Algorithm Aversion

Pascal Oliver Heßler, Jella Pfeiffer, Sebastian Hafenbrädl

Open Access Research Paper

Radiologists’ Usage of Diagnostic AI Systems

Ekaterina Jussupow, Kai Spohrer, Armin Heinzl

Research Paper

The Influence of Situational Involvement on Employees’ Intrinsic Involvement During IS Development

Bernardo Henrique Leso, Marcelo Nogueira Cortimiglia, Carla Schwengber ten Caten

Open Access Research Notes

The Cost of Fairness in AI: Evidence from E-Commerce

Moritz von Zahn, Stefan Feuerriegel, Niklas Kuehl

Open Access Research Notes

In Stars We Trust – A Note on Reputation Portability Between Digital Platforms

Maik Hesse, Timm Teubner, Marc T. P. Adam

Research Paper

Concepts for Modeling Smart Cities

Viviana Bastidas, Iris Reychav, Alon Ofir, Marija Bezbradica, Markus Helfert

Open Access Research Paper

Archetypes of Digital Twins

Hendrik van der Valk, Hendrik Haße, Frederik Möller, Boris Otto

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