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Business & Information Systems Engineering 3/2022
Business & Information Systems Engineering

Issue 3/2022


Table of Contents (10 Articles)

03-05-2022 | Editorial

A Multi-Perspective Framework for Research on (Sustainable) Autonomous Systems
Roman Beck, Jens Dibbern, Martin Wiener

Open Access 01-07-2022 | Research Paper

When Self-Humanization Leads to Algorithm Aversion
What Users Want from Decision Support Systems on Prosocial Microlending Platforms
Pascal Oliver Heßler, Jella Pfeiffer, Sebastian Hafenbrädl

Open Access 22-04-2022 | Research Paper

Radiologists’ Usage of Diagnostic AI Systems
The Role of Diagnostic Self-Efficacy for Sensemaking from Confirmation and Disconfirmation
Ekaterina Jussupow, Kai Spohrer, Armin Heinzl

Open Access 13-05-2022 | Profile

Interview with Peter Mertens and Wolfgang König: “From Reasonable Automation to (Sustainable) Autonomous Systems”
Roman Beck, Jens Dibbern, Martin Wiener

14-09-2021 | Research Paper

The Influence of Situational Involvement on Employees’ Intrinsic Involvement During IS Development
Bernardo Henrique Leso, Marcelo Nogueira Cortimiglia, Carla Schwengber ten Caten

Open Access 07-09-2021 | Research Notes

The Cost of Fairness in AI: Evidence from E-Commerce
Moritz von Zahn, Stefan Feuerriegel, Niklas Kuehl

Open Access 01-10-2021 | Research Notes

In Stars We Trust – A Note on Reputation Portability Between Digital Platforms
Maik Hesse, Timm Teubner, Marc T. P. Adam

17-11-2021 | Research Paper

Concepts for Modeling Smart Cities
An ArchiMate Extension
Viviana Bastidas, Iris Reychav, Alon Ofir, Marija Bezbradica, Markus Helfert

Open Access 03-12-2021 | Research Paper

Archetypes of Digital Twins
Hendrik van der Valk, Hendrik Haße, Frederik Möller, Boris Otto

Open Access 07-03-2022 | Catchword

Karl Werder

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