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Business Research

Issue 1/2019

Special Issue: (Ir)Rationality of Decisions in Business Research and Practice

Content (13 Articles)

Open Access Editorial

(Ir)Rationality of decisions in business research and practice: introduction to the special issue

Alexander Dilger, Thomas Gehrig, Marko Sarstedt

Open Access Original Research

C. Y. A.: frequency and causes of defensive decisions in public administration

Florian M. Artinger, Sabrina Artinger, Gerd Gigerenzer

Open Access Original Research

The St. Petersburg paradox despite risk-seeking preferences: an experimental study

James C. Cox, Eike B. Kroll, Marcel Lichters, Vjollca Sadiraj, Bodo Vogt

Open Access Original Research

Relationship-specific investment and hold-up problems in supply chains: theory and experiments

Ernan Haruvy, Elena Katok, Zhongwen Ma, Suresh Sethi

Open Access Original Research

Horizontal Monitoring in Austria: subjective representations by tax officials and company employees

Janina Enachescu, Maximilian Zieser, Eva Hofmann, Erich Kirchler

Open Access Original Research

Partial least squares structural equation modeling-based discrete choice modeling: an illustration in modeling retailer choice

Joseph F. Hair, Christian M. Ringle, Siegfried P. Gudergan, Andreas Fischer, Christian Nitzl, Con Menictas

Open Access Review

Violations of dominance in decision-making

Thomas Kourouxous, Thomas Bauer

Open Access Original Research

Price limits under incomplete preference information based on almost stochastic dominance

Hermann Jahnke, Jan Thomas Martini, Tobias Wiens

Open Access Original Research

Modeling rational decisions in ambiguous situations: a multi-valued logic approach

Olga Metzger, Thomas Spengler