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Business Research

Issue 2/2018

Content (6 Articles)

Open Access Review

Stakeholder influences and risks in sustainable supply chain management: a comparison of qualitative and quantitative studies

Tobias Rebs, Marcus Brandenburg, Stefan Seuring, Margarita Stohler

Open Access Original Research

Are you attracted? Do you remain? Meta-analytic evidence on flexible work practices

Greta Onken-Menke, Stephan Nüesch, Claudia Kröll

Open Access Original Research

The impact of the package opening process on product returns

Wenyan Zhou, Oliver Hinz, Alexander Benlian

Open Access Original Research

Profit-oriented scheduling of resource-constrained projects with flexible capacity constraints

André Schnabel, Carolin Kellenbrink, Stefan Helber

Open Access Original Research

Do we work hard or are we just great? The effects of organizational pride due to effort and ability on proactive behavior

Prisca Brosi, Matthias Spörrle, Isabell M. Welpe