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Calcolo 1/2022

Issue 1/2022

Table of Contents ( 9 Articles )

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

Superconvergence of a modified weak Galerkin method for singularly perturbed two-point elliptic boundary-value problems

Suayip Toprakseven

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022 Open Access

Low-rank tensor approximation of singularly perturbed boundary value problems in one dimension

Carlo Marcati, Maxim Rakhuba, Johan E. M. Ulander

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

A proximal point like method for solving tensor least-squares problems

Maolin Liang, Bing Zheng, Yutao Zheng

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022 Open Access

On the convergence rate of the Kačanov scheme for shear-thinning fluids

Pascal Heid, Endre Süli

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

A lowest-degree quasi-conforming finite element de Rham complex on general quadrilateral grids by piecewise polynomials

Qimeng Quan, Xia Ji, Shuo Zhang

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

A new non-augmented and momentum-conserving fully-mixed finite element method for a coupled flow-transport problem

Gonzalo A. Benavides, Sergio Caucao, Gabriel N. Gatica, Alejandro A. Hopper

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

PVTSI: A novel approach to computation of Hadamard finite parts of nonperiodic singular integrals

Avram Sidi

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

Local minimizers of the Crouzeix ratio: a nonsmooth optimization case study

Michael L. Overton

01-03-2022 | Issue 1/2022

A mass and energy conservative fourth-order compact difference scheme for the Klein-Gordon-Dirac equations

Feng Liao, Fazhan Geng, Tingchun Wang

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