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04-07-2022 | Carsharing | News | Article

Hyundai Starts Pilot Project with Two Robotic Taxis in Seoul

Author: Patrick Schäfer

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Hyundai Motor Group announces a robo-taxi service for Seoul, South Korea. The car-hailing service uses two autonomously driving, battery-electric Ioniq 5 vehicles.

Hyundai is offering the first car-hailing service using autonomously driving vehicles in the Seoul metropolitan area with its robotic cab brokerage service using battery-electric Ioniq 5 vehicles. The automaker will partner with startup Jin Mobility for the temporary project. The latter operates the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled car-hailing mobility platform i.M. The two Ioniq 5 models used in the Roboride pilot service will be further developed in the project, which focuses on the Gangnam district.

A self-developed remote-controlled vehicle assistance system will be used to monitor the status of autonomous driving along the selected route. Driving will be supported with remote assistance functions so that manual lane changes, for example, can also be made if the system fails. There is also a driver on board the Roboride vehicle for safety reasons in case of emergencies. Hyundai has worked closely with the Seoul Metropolitan Government to develop a system that can safely process traffic signals and signs in autonomous operation.


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