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Cellulose 1/2006

Issue 1/2006

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Nanoindentation of regenerated cellulose fibres

Wolfgang Gindl, Johannes Konnerth, Thomas Schöberl

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Surface modification of lignocellulosic fibers using high-frequency ultrasound

Jayant B. Gadhe, Ram B. Gupta, Thomas Elder

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Hard to remove water in cellulose fibers characterized by high resolution thermogravimetric analysis - methods development

Sunkyu Park, Richard A. Venditti, Hasan Jameel, Joel J. Pawlak

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Solvent and enzyme induced recrystallization of mechanically degraded hemp cellulose

S. Ouajai, R.A. Shanks

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Spiral structures of cotton fiber

V.A. Krakhmalev, A.A. Paiziev

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Variations in the chemical composition within pine (Pinus sylvestris) trunks determined by diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopy and chemometrics

Timo-Jaakko Toivanen, Raimo Alén

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Production of oligocellouronates by biodegradation of oxidized cellulose

Cédric Delattre, Philippe Michaud, Redouan Elboutachfaiti, Bernard Courtois, Josiane Courtois

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

SEC-MALS analysis of cellouronic acid prepared from regenerated cellulose by TEMPO-mediated oxidation

Izumi Shibata, Masahiro Yanagisawa, Tsuguyuki Saito, Akira Isogai

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Modified cellulose fibres for adsorption of dissolved organic solutes

Sami Boufi, Mohamed Naceur Belgacem

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Long chain cellulose esters with very low DS obtained with non-acidic catalysts

J. Peydecastaing, S. Girardeau, C. Vaca-Garcia, M. E. Borredon

01-02-2006 | Issue 1/2006

Hydrophobic modification of starch via grafting with an oxazoline-derivative

Birgit Kosan, Frank Meister, Tim Liebert, Thomas Heinze

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