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Cellulose 10/2020

Issue 10/2020

Table of Contents ( 42 Articles )

11-05-2020 | Editorial | Issue 10/2020

Increment in evolution of cellulose crystallinity analysis

Alfred D. French

15-05-2020 | Communication | Issue 10/2020

Twisted pseudo-tetragonal orthorhombic lamellar crystal in cellulose/ionic liquid spherulite

Guangjie Song, Jun Zhang, Yoshiharu Nishiyama

02-05-2020 | Review Paper | Issue 10/2020

Disruptive enzyme-based strategies to isolate nanocelluloses: a review

Cleverton L. Pirich, Guilherme F. Picheth, André M. Fontes, Marc Delgado-Aguilar, Luiz P. Ramos

04-05-2020 | Review Paper | Issue 10/2020

Cellulose-based sensors for metal ions detection

Jiang Fan, Sufeng Zhang, Fei Li, Junwei Shi

04-05-2020 | Review Paper | Issue 10/2020

On the toxicity of cellulose nanocrystals and nanofibrils in animal and cellular models

Célia Ventura, Fátima Pinto, Ana Filipa Lourenço, Paulo J. T. Ferreira, Henriqueta Louro, Maria João Silva

18-02-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Crystallinity reduction and enhancement in the chemical reactivity of cellulose by non-dissolving pre-treatment with tetrabutylphosphonium acetate

Daniel Rico del Cerro, Tetyana V. Koso, Tia Kakko, Alistair W. T. King, Ilkka Kilpeläinen

24-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Improved cellulose X-ray diffraction analysis using Fourier series modeling

Wenqing Yao, Yuanyuan Weng, Jeffery M. Catchmark

19-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Bacterial cellulose modification using static magnetic field

Vo Minh Quan, Bin Li, Prakit Sukyai

30-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

In silico structure prediction of full-length cotton cellulose synthase protein (GhCESA1) and its hierarchical complexes

Abhishek Singh, Albert L. Kwansa, Ho Shin Kim, Justin T. Williams, Hui Yang, Nan K. Li, James D. Kubicki, Alison W. Roberts, Candace H. Haigler, Yaroslava G. Yingling

01-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Water accessibility to hydroxyls confined in solid wood cell walls

Emil Engelund Thybring, Sara Piqueras, Asghar Tarmian, Ingo Burgert

02-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

BcsAB synthesized cellulose on nickel surface: polymerization of monolignols during cellulose synthesis alters cellulose morphology

Snehasish Basu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Nicole R. Brown, Charles T. Anderson, Ireneusz P. Gorniak

11-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Kinetic insights into the lignocellulosic biomass-based levulinic acid production by a mechanistic model

Emília Savioli Lopes, Elmer Ccopa Rivera, Julio César de Jesus Gariboti, Luis Henrique Zimmermann Feistel, João Vitor Dutra, Rubens Maciel Filho, Laura Plazas Tovar

11-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Synthesis of a low-molecular-weight copolymer by maleic acid and acrylic acid and its application for the functional modification of cellulose

Ting Liang, Kelu Yan, Tao Zhao, Bolin Ji

11-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Structure characterization and inhibitory effect of lignin from the outer and inner layers of bamboo after alkali pretreatment

Junhua Zhang, Yujie Qin, Kena Li, Jinye Wang, Zhiwen Wang

19-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

One-step preparation of porous cellulose/chitosan macro-spheres from ionic liquid-based solutions

Alexandra S. M. Wittmar, Hendrik Böhler, Ahmad L. Kayali, Mathias Ulbricht

20-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

A new approach for the use of anionic surfactants: nanocellulose modification and development of biodegradable nanocomposites

Alana G. de Souza, Giovanni F. de Lima, Renata Colombo, Derval S. Rosa

24-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Nonlinear viscoelastic characterization of charged cellulose nanocrystal network structure in the presence of salt in aqueous media

Aref Abbasi Moud, Milad Kamkar, Amir Sanati-Nezhad, Seyed Hossein Hejazi, Uttandaraman Sundararaj

04-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Obtaining cellulose nanocrystals from pineapple crown fibers by free-chlorite hydrolysis with sulfuric acid: physical, chemical and structural characterization

Paulo Henrique Fernandes Pereira, Heitor Luiz Ornaghi Júnior, Luana Venâncio Coutinho, Benoit Duchemin, Maria Odila Hilário Cioffi

30-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Effects of nanocellulose formulation on physicomechanical properties of Aquazol–nanocellulose composites

Hsin-Chen Chen, William Tai Yin Tze, Feng-Cheng Chang

30-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

The effects of chitin/chitosan nanowhiskers on the thermal, mechanical and dye adsorption properties of electrospun PVA nanofibrous membranes

Su Jun Kim, Bo Min Hong, Won Ho Park

06-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Silane modified cellulose nanocrystals and nanocomposites with LLDPE prepared by melt processing

Alojz Anžlovar, Andraž Krajnc, Ema Žagar

11-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Nanocrystalline cellulose isolated from different renewable sources to fabricate natural rubber composites with outstanding mechanical properties

Weihui Jiang, Ju Gu

29-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Improvement of the fatigue behaviour of cellulose/polyolefin composites using photo-chemical fibre surface modification bio-inspired by natural role models

Jörg Müssig, Milan Kelch, Beate Gebert, Jörg Hohe, Michael Luke, Thomas Bahners

22-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Double in situ fabrication of PPy@MnMoO4/cellulose fibers flexible electrodes with high electrochemical performance for supercapacitor applications

Jiwei Huang, Xueren Qian, Xianhui An, Xiang Li, Jian Guan

23-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Oil release behavior and kinetics of oil-impregnated kapok fiber powder

Yanfang Xu, Hua Shen, Liyao Cao, Guangbiao Xu

28-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Production and characterization of chitosan-TPP/cellulose nanocrystal system for encapsulation: a case study using folic acid as active compound

Nadia Obrownick Okamoto-Schalch, Sabrina Guarda Botelho Pinho, Taís Teo de Barros-Alexandrino, Gustavo César Dacanal, Odílio Benedito Garrido Assis, Milena Martelli-Tosi

28-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Palmitic acid functionalization of cellulose fibers for enhancing hydrophobic property

Soheila Izadyar, Maryam Aghabozorgi, Mohammad Azadfallah

29-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Novel cotton fiber-covalent organic framework hybrid monolith for reversible capture of iodine

Li Li, Run Chen, Yarong Li, Tiantian Xiong, Yongqiang Li

01-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Regenerable magnetic carbonized Calotropis gigantea fiber for hydrophobic-driven fast removal of perfluoroalkyl pollutants

Bihui Niu, Shuping Yang, Yuting Li, Kun Zang, Changduo Sun, Min Yu, Lei Zhou, Yian Zheng

04-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Polymer supported metallic nanoparticles as a solid catalyst for the removal of organic pollutants

Sher Bahadar Khan, Mohammad Sherjeel Javed Khan, Tahseen Kamal, Abdullah M. Asiri, Esraa M. Bakhsh

05-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Biomimetics of microducts in three-dimensional bacterial nanocellulose biomaterials for soft tissue regenerative medicine

M. Osorio, E. Martinez, T. V. Kooten, P. Gañán, T. Naranjo, I. Ortiz, C. Castro

11-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Microwave-assisted solvothermal in-situ synthesis of CdS nanoparticles on bacterial cellulose matrix for photocatalytic application

Xin Qian, Yongjian Xu, Xiaopeng Yue, Cai Wang, Min Liu, Chao Duan, Yang Xu, Chao Zhu, Lei Dai

11-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Cyclodextrin and cellulose combination product developed by click chemistry: fascinating design for inclusion of ciprofloxacin

Lijian Sun, Shuaishuai Yang, Xueren Qian, Xianhui An

13-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Characterization and analyses of degradable composites made with needle-punched jute nonwoven and polylactic acid (PLA) membrane

Cui-cui Fang, Yan Zhang, Shu-yuan Qi, Yuan-yuan Li, Ping Wang

30-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Comparison between uncreped and creped handsheets on tissue paper properties using a creping simulator unit

Tiago de Assis, Joel Pawlak, Lokendra Pal, Hasan Jameel, Lee W. Reisinger, Dale Kavalew, Clayton Campbell, Lucyna Pawlowska, Ronalds W. Gonzalez

08-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Cellulose micro and nanofibrils as coating agent for improved printability in office papers

Ana F. Lourenço, José A. F. Gamelas, Pedro Sarmento, Paulo J. T. Ferreira

22-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Self-assembly of phosphonate-metal complex for superhydrophobic and durable flame-retardant polyester–cotton fabrics

Longxiang Liu, Ying Pan, Yuyu Zhao, Wei Cai, Zhou Gui, Yuan Hu, Xin Wang

23-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Guanidine-functionalized cotton fabrics for achieving permanent antibacterial activity without compromising their physicochemical properties and cytocompatibility

Yihong Cao, Jingwei Gu, Shu Wang, Zhuocheng Zhang, Huali Yu, Jianna Li, Shiguo Chen

24-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Fully bio-based fire-safety viscose/alginate blended nonwoven fabrics: thermal degradation behavior, flammability, and smoke suppression

Yun Liu, Ye Tao, Bin Wang, Ping Li, Ying-Jun Xu, Zhi-Ming Jiang, Chao-Hong Dong, Ping Zhu

29-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Novel, sustainable and water efficient nano bubble dyeing of cotton fabric

Muhammad Mohsin, Shaheen Sardar, Muhammad Hassan, Nusrullah Akhtar, Ahmad Hassan, Muhammad Sufyan

30-04-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020 Open Access

Compression failure in dense non-woven fiber networks

August Brandberg, Artem Kulachenko

09-05-2020 | Original Research | Issue 10/2020

Synergistic effect between flame retardant viscose and nitrogen-containing intrinsic flame-retardant fibers

Shuheng Liang, Fengxia Wang, Jinsong Liang, Sheng Chen, Mengjin Jiang

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