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Cellulose 2/2002

Issue 2/2002

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

01-06-2002 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 2/2002

Guest Editorial

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

TEM study of band-like cellulose assemblies produced by Acetobacter xylinum at 4 °C

Asako Hirai, Masaki Tsuji, Fumitaka Horii

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Effect of cellulase-assisted refining on the properties of dried and never-dried eucalyptus pulp

O. García, A.L. Torres, J.F. Colom, F.I.J. Pastor, P. Díaz, T. Vidal

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Effect of Mannanase and Lipase on the properties of colloidal wood extractives and their interaction with mechanical pulp fines

Mats Rundlöf, Marie Eriksson, Helene Ström, Lars Wågberg

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Changes of cellulose fiber wall structure during drying investigated using NMR self-diffusion and relaxation experiments

Daniel Topgaard, Olle Söderman

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Characterization of cellulose by SEC-MALLS

Tove Schult, Torgeir Hjerde, Odd Inge Optun, Peder J. Kleppe, Størker Moe

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Reactivity of dissolving pulp: characterisation using chemical properties, NMR spectroscopy and multivariate data analysis

Kristina Elg Christoffersson, Michael Sjöström, Ulf Edlund, Åsa Lindgren, Matti Dolk

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Surface fluorination of paper in CF4-RF plasma environments

H.T. Sahin, S. Manolache, R.A. Young, F. Denes

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

The use of amidoximated cellulose for the removalof metal ions and dyes from waste waters

Rima Saliba, Helene Gauthier, Robert Gauthier, Michelle Petit-Ramel

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Synthesis of novel adamantoyl cellulose using differently activated carboxylic acid derivatives

Daniela Gräbner, Tim Liebert, Thomas Heinze

01-06-2002 | Issue 2/2002

Cellulose derivatives from cellulosic material isolated from Agave lechuguilla and fourcroydes

M.C. Vieira, Th. Heinze, R. Antonio-Cruz, A.M. Mendoza-Martinez

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