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Cellulose 3/2001

Issue 3/2001

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

01-09-2001 | Editorial Introduction | Issue 3/2001

Guest Editorial; First Biannual Gordon Conference on the Chemistry of Polysaccharides

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

Localization of Iα and Iβ phases in algal cellulose revealed by acid treatments

Masahisa Wada, Takeshi Okano

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

Chemical conversion of cellulose as treated in supercritical methanol

Yoichi Ishikawa, Shiro Saka

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

The Young's modulus of a microcrystalline cellulose

S.J. Eichhorn, R.J. Young

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

On the accessibility and structure of xylan in birch kraft pulp

Anita Teleman, Per Tomas Larsson, Tommy Iversen

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

Characterisation of the surface of a cellulosic multi-purpose office paper by inverse gas chromatography

J.M.R.C.A. Santos, M.H. Gil, A. Portugal, J.T. Guthrie

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

Determination of the degree of substitution (DS) of mixed cellulose esters by elemental analysis

C. Vaca-Garcia, M.E. Borredon, A. Gaseta

01-09-2001 | Issue 3/2001

Graft copolymerization of 4-vinylpyridine onto cellulose using Co (III) acetylacetonate comlex in aqueous medium

K.C. Gupta, Sujata Sahoo

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