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Cellulose 5/2021

Issue 5/2021

Table of Contents ( 42 Articles )

08-02-2021 | Communication | Issue 5/2021

Study of azomethine functionalized cellulose with salicylaldehyde as novel demetallization agent for metalloporphyrins in crude oil

Himani Negi, Raj K. Singh

16-02-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 5/2021

A review of culture media for bacterial cellulose production: complex, chemically defined and minimal media modulations

Gabriela Sperotto, Larissa Gabrieli Stasiak, João Pedro Maximino Gongora Godoi, Naiana Cristine Gabiatti, Samara Silva De Souza

11-02-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 5/2021

Dynamic mechanical behaviour of kenaf cellulosic fibre biocomposites: a comprehensive review on chemical treatments

M. R. M. Asyraf, M. Rafidah, A. Azrina, M. R. Razman

13-02-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 5/2021

Synthesis of cellulose aerogels as promising carriers for drug delivery: a review

Zhongming Liu, Sufeng Zhang, Bin He, Shoujuan Wang, Fangong Kong

07-02-2021 | Review Paper | Issue 5/2021

Celluloses as support materials for antibacterial agents: a review

Hasan Ahmad

05-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Cell wall configuration and ultrastructure of cellulose crystals in green seaweeds

Anders Thygesen, Dinesh Fernando, Kenny Ståhl, Geoffrey Daniel, Moses Mensah, Anne S. Meyer

08-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

The colloidal structure of a cellulose fiber

Marta Gubitosi, Shirin Asaadi, Herbert Sixta, Ulf Olsson

10-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Finite element analysis of glucose diffusivity in cellulose nanofibril peripheral nerve conduits

Nicklaus Carter, Julia Towne, David J. Neivandt

14-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

A simple multi‐wavelength spectroscopic method for the determination of carboxyl group content in nanocellulose

Ning Yan, Xin-Sheng Chai, Troy Runge

31-01-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Recombinant cellulase of Caulobacter crescentus: potential applications for biofuels and textile industries

Larissa Bussler, Débora Jacomini, Juliana Moço Corrêa, Marina Kimiko Kadowaki, Alexandre Maller, Rita de Cássia Garcia Simão

02-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Preparation of 2,3-dialdehyde microcrystalline cellulose particles crosslinked with ε-poly-L-lysine and their antibacterial activity

Xihong He, Yan Li, Liming Zhang, Ran Du, Yujie Dai, Zhilei Tan

07-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Cellulose sulfate/EMIMAc solution: rheological properties and shaping into polyelectrolyte complexes for protein adsorption

Wenqian Li, Zhaomei Wang, Manfeng Li, Nodirali Normakhamatov

07-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Effect of lignocellulosic fiber composition on the aquatic biodegradation of wood pulps and the isolated cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin components: kinetic modelling of the biodegradation process

Soojin Kwon, Marielis C. Zambrano, Joel J. Pawlak, Richard A. Venditti

11-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Construction of a new green vitrimer material: introducing dynamic covalent bond into carboxymethyl cellulose

Chang Li, Benzhi Ju, Shufen Zhang

14-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Electrokinetic and sorption properties of hydrogen peroxide treated flax fibers (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Biljana D. Lazic, Svjetlana D. Janjic, Matea Korica, Biljana M. Pejic, Veljko R. Djokic, Mirjana M. Kostic

28-01-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Enhancing magnetic resonance imaging of bio-based nano-contrast via anchoring manganese on rod-shaped cellulose nanocrystals

Yang Shen, Xin Li, Yu Lan, Menghang Zu, Xiaoming Liu, Haitao Huang, Na Zhou, Ran Duan, Lin Gan, Jin Huang

12-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Facile size evaluation of cellulose nanofibrils adsorbed on polypropylene substrates using fluorescence microscopy

Satomi Tagawa, Koichiro Ishida, Tsubasa Tsuji, Tetsuo Kondo

29-01-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Fast and simple approach for production of antibacterial nanocellulose/cuprous oxide hybrid films

O. L. Evdokimova, M. E. Belousova, A. V. Evdokimova, T. V. Kusova, A. E. Baranchikov, K. S. Antonets, A. A. Nizhnikov, A. V. Agafonov

11-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

From micro to nano: polypropylene composites reinforced with TEMPO-oxidised cellulose of different fibre widths

Andre N. Gaduan, Laleh Solhi, Eero Kontturi, Koon-Yang Lee

11-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Thermo-mechanically improved polyvinyl alcohol composite films using maleated chitin nanofibers as nano-reinforcement

Fantahun Aklog Yihun, Shinsuke Ifuku, Hiroyuki Saimoto, Dagnachew Aklog Yihun

11-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Toward sustainable biocomposites based on MMT and PHBH reinforced with acetylated cellulose nanocrystals

Xiaoqing Xu, Xiaojun Ma, Dongna Li, Jiaqi Dong

13-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Oxidized regenerated celluloses to fabricate high fire safety for epoxy resin with super expansion char layer

tao Shi, Shuidong Zhang, Xingxing Shi

16-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Making security glazing from modified TEMPO oxidized nanofibers and poly vinylbutyral

Mariem Lassoued, Frank Crispino, Éric Loranger

31-01-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Carbazate functionalized cellulose beads as potential scavengers specific for carbonylated proteins

Lanli Huang, Xiuqiong Zhou, Xianjing Feng, Jieou Nong, Guohua Yan, Li Zheng, Ming Gao

31-01-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

A novel waste paper cellulose-based Cu-MOF hybrid material threaded by PSS for lithium extraction with high adsorption capacity and selectivity

Weibai Bian, Junjie Chen, Yifan Chen, Weilong Xu, Jiqiang Jia

01-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

High-performance cellulosic filament fibers prepared via dry-jet wet spinning from ionic liquids

Marc P. Vocht, Ronald Beyer, Patricija Thomasic, Alexandra Müller, Antje Ota, Frank Hermanutz, Michael R. Buchmeiser

01-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

High dielectric thin films based on UV-reduced graphene oxide and TEMPO-oxidized cellulose nanofibres

Yasir Beeran Pottathara, Vid Bobnar, Yves Grohens, Sabu Thomas, Rupert Kargl, Vanja Kokol

03-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Vacuum-filtration fabrication for diverse conductive transparent cellulose electronic devices

Seunghwan Noh, Huijin An, Youngjun Song

03-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Enhanced electrolyte retention capability of separator for lithium-ion battery constructed by decorating ZIF-67 on bacterial cellulose nanofiber

Qiumei Huang, Chuanshan Zhao, Xia Li

04-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

All-carboxymethyl cellulose sponges for removal of heavy metal ions

Xiaobo Lin, Jingyu Jin, Xiangyang Guo, Xiangxiang Jia

08-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Flexible textile ion sensors based on reduced graphene oxide/fullerene and their potential applications of sweat characterization

Jian Zhang, Qingqing Zhou, Jianda Cao, Wen Wu, Huanxia Zhang, Yujie Shi, Qinghui Mao, Hui Ma

10-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Construction of interconnected and oriented graphene nanosheets networks in cellulose aerogel film for high-efficiency electromagnetic interference shielding

Zhengzheng Guo, Penggang Ren, Zhong Dai, Ze Zong, Fudong Zhang, Yanling Jin, Fang Ren

13-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Differences and similarities between kraft and oxygen delignification of softwood fibers: effects on chemical and physical properties

Cláudia V. Esteves, Olena Sevastyanova, Sören Östlund, Elisabet Brännvall

07-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Synthesis of polysiloxane and its co-application with nano-SiO2 for antibacterial and hydrophobic cotton fabrics

Fengyi Qian, Yuxia Zheng, Nengyu Pan, Lin Li, Rong Li, Xuehong Ren

07-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Comparative study on the physical entrapment of soy and mushroom proteins on the durability of bacterial cellulose bio‐leather

Hyunjin Kim, Ji Eun Song, Hye Rim Kim

09-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

A novel biomass vitamin B6-based flame retardant for lyocell fibers

Xiaowei Su, Chunzu Cheng, Yunbo Zheng, Xiaohui Liu, Yuanlin Ren, Ju He, Shenggen Lin, Bowen Cheng

11-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Development of antibacterial and UV protective cotton fabrics using plant food waste and alien invasive plant extracts as reducing agents for the in-situ synthesis of silver nanoparticles

Nina Čuk, Martin Šala, Marija Gorjanc

11-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Efficient recovery of the dyed cotton–polyester fabric: cellulose nanocrystal extraction and its application in composite films

Shuai Jiang, Zhaopeng Xia, Amjad Farooq, Meiling Zhang, Mengmeng Li, Lifang Liu

15-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

A novel P/N-based flame retardant synthesized by one-step method toward cotton materials and its flame-retardant mechanism

Ling Sun, Yutong Xie, Jiamin Wu, Huixin Wang, Shihao Wang, Wennan Li, Jiaojiao Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Ping Zhu, Zhou Lu, Chaohong Dong

16-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Enhancing antibacterial and flame-retardant performance of cotton fabric with an iminodiacetic acid-containing N-halamine

Denghui Xu, Shijie Wang, Jiewen Hu, Yun Liu, Zhiming Jiang, Ping Zhu

16-02-2021 | Original Research | Issue 5/2021

Functionalization of cotton gauzes with poly(N-vinylimidazole) and quaternized poly(N-vinylimidazole) with gamma radiation to produce medical devices with pH-buffering and antimicrobial properties

Luis A. Camacho-Cruz, Marlene A. Velazco-Medel, Hortensia Parra-Delgado, Emilio Bucio

11-02-2021 | Correction | Issue 5/2021 Open Access

Correction to: Enhancement of strength of adhesive bond between wood and metal using atmospheric plasma treatment

Jure Žigon, Janez Kovač, Rok Zaplotnik, Jaša Saražin, Milan Šernek, Marko Petrič, Sebastian Dahle

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