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25-11-2022 | Original Research

Full cattail leaf-based solar evaporator with square water transport channels for cost-effective solar vapor production

Solar vapor production is considered an effective and environmentally friendly method of reducing freshwater shortages. However, designing an affordable solar evaporator with a simple method is still a challenge. Herein, motivated by the …

24-11-2022 | Original Research

Phytic acid-assist for self-healing nanocomposite hydrogels with surface functionalization of cellulose nanocrystals via SI-AGET ATRP

Cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) have been widely used in the surface modification and construction of nanocomposites due to their excellent surface activity and high tensile strength. In this manuscript, nanocomposite hydrogels were prepared by …

24-11-2022 | Original Research

Porous alginate hydrogel beads cross-linked with citric acid containing tannic acid: structural analysis, antimicrobial properties and release behavior

In this study, in order to combine more than one feature in a single material structure, a natural polymer sodium alginate (Na-Alg) and phenolic compound Tannic acid (TA) were combined and cross-linked with a natural compound citric acid (CA). The …

Open Access 24-11-2022 | Original Research

Wood lignocellulosic stabilizers: effect of their characteristics on stability and rheological properties of emulsions

Lignocellulosic materials from the forest industry have shown potential to be used as sustainable hydrocolloids to stabilize emulsions for many applications in life science and chemical industries. However, the effect of wood species and recovery …

23-11-2022 | Original Research

Electron-beam induced durable immobilization of g-C3N4 onto cotton fabric for visible-light photocatalytic purification

The development of immobilized photocatalysts on flexible materials is an attractive method for addressing catalyst recovery and agglomeration problems in water purification. Herein, a durable immobilization strategy was developed to fabricate …

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