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26-06-2024 | Ceramic Technology | Editor´s Pick | News

Sacmi Scales up Sustainable Packaging Project with Ceramica Catalano

Author: Holger Seybold

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Ceramica Catalano is working together with Sacmi on the Sustainable Packaging Project. During the recent supply of new automatic glazing and finishing lines made by Gaiotto, as well as an AVB Casting cell, Ceramica Catalano became one of the first Sacmi customers to try out this new method of packaging management.

The pilot project has three main objectives: the reduction of overpacking (i.e. non-essential packaging); the use of packaging products with a percentage of recycled material and finally the recovery of packaging after shipment to the customer. In particular, with Catalano, the maximum circularity approach has been developed through the use of recycled plastic film for packing the machinery dispatched as well as making provision to recover part of the packaging for subsequent re-use.

The 3Rs approach (reduce-reuse-recycle) is the modern global outlook to achieve sustainability in the packaging world. During this preliminary stage, the pilot project has been implemented by the Sacmi Sanitaryware business and applied to the packing of the machines and moulds shipped daily from its Italian production plants in Imola, Verona and Piacenza to customers all over the world and, in particular, to its Italian customers, many of whom, such as Ceramica Catalano, are concentrated in the district of Civita Castellana.

The success achieved adopting the new approach to packaging with these recent supplies is just the first step in a wider project which could lead, in the future, to total traceability of all packaging entering and leaving Sacmi’s plants. This would greatly facilitate the functioning of the circularity approach on a large scale and along the plastic film supply chain, according to internationally recognized standards.


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