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09-06-2020 | Charging Infrastructure | News | Article

FCA and Engie Eps Start Vehicle-to-Grid Project in Turin

Patrick Schäfer
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Together with Engie Eps, automotive group Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has started a V2G project in its Mirafiori factory in Turin. They plan to install 64 bidirectional charging points in the first phase of the project.

FCA and energy provider Engie Eps are working together to develop an intelligent charging infrastructure which will allow interaction between electric vehicles and the public power grid. The energy stored in the batteries of parked electric vehicles can be used to stabilise the public grid for short periods of time. "On average, cars remain unused for 80 to 90 percent of the day. During this long period, if connected to the grid by Vehicle-to-Grid technology, customers can therefore receive money or free energy in exchange for the balancing service offered," explains Roberto Di Stefano, Head of EMEA E-Mobility at FCA.

The first phase of construction for the V2G project is now under way at the Drosso logistics centre at the Mirafiori FCA factory in Turin, where 64 two-way fast-charging stations will be installed, each with an output of up to 50 kW. 32 V2G columns for up to 64 electric vehicles will first be installed by July 2020. Engie Eps is providing the centralised infrastructure and the control system. By the end of 2021, the infrastructure will be expanded to accommodate.

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