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23-01-2024 | Charging Infrastructure | Infographic | Article

More and More Charging Points with High Charging Power

Author: Christiane Köllner

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In Germany, more and more charging points are offering high-power charging. Nevertheless, standard charging points continue to dominate. 

In Germany, electric cars can not only be charged at more and more locations, but also faster and faster on average. As Statista states, citing data from the Federal Network Agency, the number of public charging points in Germany with high charging capacities continues to increase. However, standard charging points (charging points with an power output of up to 22 kW) still dominated at the beginning of 2023. With over 69,000 standard charging points, these are expected to account for more than two thirds of all charging points. According to Statista, there were around 82,900 public charging points in Germany as of January 1, 2023.

Trend Towards Faster Loading Times

There are now more than 102,000 public charging points in Germany, 17 % of which are fast charging points, according to the National Centre for Charging Infrastructure (as of December 12, 2023). Almost 63 % of fast-charging points in Germany have a maximum charging capacity of at least 150 kW, and 30 % of all charging points have a maximum capacity of at least 300 kW. The total installed charging capacity in Germany is around 4,500 MW, of which fast charging points account for 64 %. The average charging capacity per charging point is 44 kW.


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