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14-08-2020 | CHEMMOTOLOGY

Structural Features of Particles of Goudron CO2 Asphaltenes Precipitated with Various Organic Diluents

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) was used to study the structure of particles of CO2-asphaltenes precipitated from a goudron vacuum residue sample in the gas anti-solvent (GAS) process using heptane, toluene, and their mixture (heptol) as …

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Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils publishes reports on improvements in the processing of petroleum and natural gas and cracking and refining techniques for the production of high-quality fuels, oils, greases, specialty fluids, additives and synthetics. The journal includes timely articles on the demulsification, desalting, and desulfurizing of crude oil; new flow plans for refineries; platforming, isomerization, catalytic reforming, and alkylation processes for obtaining aromatic hydrocarbons and high-octane gasoline; methods of producing ethylene, acetylene, benzene, acids, alcohols, esters, and other compounds from petroleum, as well as hydrogen from natural gas and liquid products.

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