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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 1/2017

Issue 1/2017

Table of Contents ( 23 Articles )

24-11-2016 | Editorial | Issue 1/2017

Standing on the shoulders of giants: A brief note from the perspective of kinematics

Xianwen Kong

24-11-2016 | Research Highlight | Issue 1/2017

Wheel-legged hexapod robots: a multifunctional mobile manipulating platform

Xilun Ding, Yi Zheng, Kun Xu

01-01-2017 | Issue 1/2017

Advances in compact manufacturing for shape and performance controllability of large-scale components-a review

Fangcheng Qin, Yongtang Li, Huiping Qi, Li Ju

29-11-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Sheet metal forming optimization by using surrogate modeling techniques

Hu Wang, Fan Ye, Lei Chen, Enying Li

14-04-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Pre-compensation for continuous-path running trajectory error in high-speed machining of parts with varied curvature features

Zhenyuan Jia, Dening Song, Jianwei Ma, Yuanyuan Gao

11-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Effect of working position on vertical motion straightness of open hydrostatic guideways in grinding machine

Jun Zha, Zhiwei Wang, Fei Xue, Yaolong Chen

01-01-2017 | Issue 1/2017

Effects of cutting parameters on tool insert wear in end milling of titanium alloy Ti6Al4V

Ming Luo, Jing Wang, Baohai Wu, Dinghua Zhang

05-03-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Applying CBR to machine tool product configuration design oriented to customer requirements

Pengjia Wang, Yadong Gong, Hualong Xie, Yongxian Liu, Andrew Yehching Nee

01-01-2017 | Issue 1/2017

Quaternion-based nonlinear trajectory tracking control of a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle

Changliu Zha, Xilun Ding, Yushu Yu, Xueqiang Wang

29-11-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Investigation into the vibration of metro bogies induced by rail corrugation

Liang Ling, Wei Li, Elbert Foo, Lei Wu, Zefeng Wen, Xuesong Jin

01-01-2017 | Issue 1/2017

Cavitation optimization for a centrifugal pump impeller by using orthogonal design of experiment

Ji Pei, Tingyun Yin, Shouqi Yuan, Wenjie Wang, Jiabin Wang

20-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Experimental study on influence of dimples on lubrication performance of glass fiber-epoxy resin composite under natural seawater lubrication

Shaofeng Wu, Dianrong Gao, Yingna Liang, Bo Chen

01-01-2017 | Issue 1/2017

CFD simulation of local and global mixing time in an agitated tank

Liangchao Li, Bin Xu

20-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Heat transfer enhancement with mixing vane spacers using the field synergy principle

Lixin Yang, Mengjun Zhou, Zihao Tian

14-04-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Non-contact electromagnetic exciter design with linear control method

Lin Wang, Xianzhi Xiong, Hua Xu

01-01-2017 | Issue 1/2017

Optimal design for an end face engagement worm gear with multiple worm-wheel meshing

Xingqiao Deng, Weibing Zhu, Yonghong Chen, Shouan Chen, Jinge Wang

11-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Accurate measurement method for tube’s endpoints based on machine vision

Shaoli Liu, Peng Jin, Jianhua Liu, Xiao Wang, Peng Sun

10-06-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Active low-frequency vertical vibration isolation system for precision measurements

Kang Wu, Gang Li, Hua Hu, Lijun Wang

29-11-2016 | Issue 1/2017

High precision ultrasonic guided wave technique for inspection of power transmission line

Jun Cheng, Jinhao Qiu, Hongli Ji, Enrong Wang, Toshiyuki Takagi, Tetsuya Uchimoto

11-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Modeling and analysis of mechanical Quality factor of the resonator for cylinder vibratory gyroscope

Xiang Xi, Xuezhong Wu, Yulie Wu, Yongmeng Zhang

29-11-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Data driven CAN node reliability assessment for manufacturing system

Leiming Zhang, Yong Yuan, Yong Lei

10-06-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Effects of temperature and pressure on stress corrosion cracking behavior of 310S stainless steel in chloride solution

Yunpan Zhong, Cheng Zhou, Songying Chen, Ruiyan Wang

20-08-2016 | Issue 1/2017

Elastoplastic contact mechanics model of rough surface based on fractal theory

Yuan Yuan, Li Gan, Kai Liu, Xiaohui Yang

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