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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 2/2013

Issue 2/2013

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Configurable product design considering the transition of multi-hierarchical models

Bin Ren, Lemiao Qiu, Shuyou Zhang, Jianrong Tan, Jin Cheng

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Motion/posture modeling and simulation verification of physically handicapped in manufacturing system design

Yan Fu, Shiqi Li, Gwen-guo Chen

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Metamorphic manipulating mechanism design for MCCB using index reduced iteration

Jinghua Xu, Shuyou Zhang, Zhen Zhao, Xiaoxia Lin

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Function combined method for design innovation of children’s bike

Xiaoli Wu, Tingting Qiu, Huijuan Chen

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

High efficient methods of content-based 3D model retrieval

Yuanhao Wu, Ling Tian, Chenggang Li

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Applicability and generality of the modified Grübler-Kutzbach criterion

Yanwen Li, Lumin Wang, Jingfang Liu, Zhen Huang

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Innovative group-decoupling design of a segment erector based on G F set theory

Wentao Guo, Weizhong Guo, Feng Gao, Pinxi Mo

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

General order principle for multi-Bennett linkages

Jingfang Liu, Yueqing Yu, Zhen Huang, Xiao’ou Huang

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Computational path planner for product assembly in complex environments

Wei Shang, Jianhua Liu, Ruxin Ning, Mi Liu

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Supply coordination based on bonus policy in assembly under uncertain delivery time

Guo Li, Mengqi Liu, Zhaohua Wang, Bingzong Peng

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Multidisciplinary design optimization of vehicle instrument panel based on multi-objective genetic algorithm

Ping Wang, Guangqiang Wu

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Dual extended Kalman filter for combined estimation of vehicle state and road friction

Changfu Zong, Dan Hu, Hongyu Zheng

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Investigation on the radial micro-motion about piston of axial piston pump

Bing Xu, Junhui Zhang, Huayong Yang, Bin Zhang

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Sewerage force adjustment technology for energy conservation in vacuum sanitation systems

Zhonghua Guo, Xiaoning Li, Toshiharu Kagawa

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Simulation research on the effect of cooled EGR, supercharging and compression ratio on downsized SI engine knock

Gequn Shu, Jiaying Pan, Haiqiao Wei, Ning Shi

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Analysis of wear mechanism and influence factors of drum segment of hot rolling coiler

Jian Zhang, Yan Peng, Hongmin Liu, Yunfei Liu

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Macroscopic elastic constants of pure metal based on the interactions between microscopic particles

Ming Lu, Yongsheng Niu, Rui Fan

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Effect of optimum plastic depth on stresses and load-bearing capacity of autofrettaged cylinder

Ruilin Zhu, Guolin Zhu

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Self-heating probe instrument and method for measuring high temperature melting volume change rate of material

Junwei Wang, Zhiping Wang, Yang Lu, Bo Cheng

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

New iron-based SiC spherical composite magnetic abrasive for magnetic abrasive finishing

Guixiang Zhang, Yugang Zhao, Dongbiao Zhao, Dunwen Zuo, Fengshi Yin

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Effect of electrical current on the tribological behavior of the Cu-WS2-G composites in air and vacuum

Gang Qian, Yi Feng, Bin Li, Shiyin Huang, Hongjuan Liu, Kewang Ding

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Sawing performance comparison of brazed and sintered diamond wires

Guoqin Huang, Xipeng Xu

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Three-steps-meshing based multiple crack identification for structures and its experimental studies

Bing Li, Xuefeng Chen, Zhengjia He

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Accurate evaluation of free-form surface profile error based on quasi particle swarm optimization algorithm and surface subdivision

Xiulan Wen, Yibing Zhao, Dongxia Wang, Xiaochu Zhu, Xiaoqiang Xue

01-03-2013 | Issue 2/2013

Scale effects on propeller cavitating hydrodynamic and hydroacoustic performances with non-uniform inflow

Qiongfang Yang, Yongsheng Wang, Zhihong Zhang

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