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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 3/2012

Issue 3/2012

Table of Contents ( 26 Articles )

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Deformation analysis of micro/nano indentation and diamond grinding on optical glasses

Qingliang Zhao, Lingling Zhao, Bing Guo, David Stephensin, John Corbett

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Influence of minimum quantity lubrication parameters on tool wear and surface roughness in milling of forged steel

Lutao Yan, Songmei Yuan, Qiang Liu

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Simulation and experiment research on the proportional pressure control of water-assisted injection molding

Hua Zhou, Yinglong Chen, Zengmeng Zhang, Huayong Yang

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Analysis on dynamic characteristics in time domain of slider with ultra thin spacing

Huaping Yao, Ping Huang, Yangzhi Chen, Lixue Zhu

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Multiscale analysis on two-dimensional nanoscale adhesive contacts

Ruiting Tong, Geng Liu, Lan Liu

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Experimental investigation on the flow-induced noise under variable conditions for centrifugal pumps

Shouqi Yuan, Jun Yang, Jianping Yuan, Yin Luo, Ji Pei

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

High speed on/off valve control hydraulic propeller

Kangwu Zhu, Linyi Gu, Yuanjie Chen, Wei Li

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Analysis on flow field of the valveless piezoelectric pump with two inlets and one outlet and a rotating unsymmetrical slopes element

Qixiao Xia, Jianhui Zhang, Hong Lei, Wei Cheng

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Detached-eddy simulation for time-dependent turbulent cavitating flows

Biao Huang, Guoyu Wang, Zhiyi Yu, Shuguo Shi

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

3D Particle image velocimetry test of inner flow in a double blade pump impeller

Houlin Liu, Kai Wang, Shouqi Yuan, Minggao Tan, Yong Wang, Weimin Ru

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Output characteristics of a series three-port axial piston pump

Xiaogang Zhang, Long Quan, Yang Yang, Chengbin Wang, Liwei Yao

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Investigation of load prediction on the Mexico rotor using the technique of determination of the angle of attack

Hua Yang, Wenzhong Shen, Jens Nørkær Sørensen, Weijun Zhu

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Integrated control strategy for CVT powertrains with consideration of vehicle drivability

Dongye Sun, Yong Luo, Datong Qin

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Analysis method and principle of dual-mode electro-mechanical variable transmission program

Hongcai Li, Qingdong Yan, Changle Xiang, Weida Wang

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Algorithm research and realization of the turning control system for heavy transportation vehicle

Hanguang Mi, Haiwen Yuan, Qiusheng Wang, Jingpo Zhao

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Influence of vehicle parameters on critical hunting speed based on Ruzicka model

Dabin Cui, Li Li, Xuesong Jin, Xinbiao Xiao, Junjun Ding

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Antiskid control of railway train braking based on adhesion creep behavior

Jianyong Zuo, Zhongkai Chen

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Floating clamping mechanism of PT fuel injector and its dynamic characteristics analysis

Xinqing Wang, Sheng Liang, Tian Xia, Dong Wang, Shuhua Qian

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Source separation of diesel engine vibration based on the empirical mode decomposition and independent component analysis

Xianfeng Du, Zhijun Li, Fengrong Bi, Junhong Zhang, Xia Wang, Kang Shao

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Integrated power and single axis attitude control system with two flywheels

Bangcheng Han

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Economic design of & S control charts based on Taguchi’s loss function and its optimization

Yu Guo, Wen’an Yang, Wenhe Liao, Shiwen Gao

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Nonparametric control scheme for monitoring phase II nonlinear profiles with varied argument values

Yang Zhang, Zhen He, Juntao Fang, Min Zhang

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Mesh smoothing method based on local wave analysis

Xujia Qin, Hongbo Zheng, Shiwei Cheng, Shishuang Liu, Xiaogang Xu

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Reliability sensitivity-based correlation coefficient calculation in structural reliability analysis

Zhou Yang, Yimin Zhang, Xufang Zhang, Xianzhen Huang

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Analysis on autofrettage of cylinders

Ruilin Zhu, Guolin Zhu, Feng Tang

01-05-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Limit load solution for electron beam welded joints with single edge weld center crack in tension

Wei Lu, Yaowu Shi, Xiaoyan Li, Yongping Lei

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