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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 3/2013

Issue 3/2013

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Thermal influence of the Couette flow in a hydrostatic spindle on the machining precision

Dongju Chen, Jinwei Fan, Haiyong Li, Xiaofeng Wang, Feihu Zhang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Deformation behavior and microstructure evolution of wrought magnesium alloys

Shouren Wang, Linghui Song, Sukbong Kang, Jaehyung Cho, Yingzi Wang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Necking of Q&P steel during uniaxial tensile test with the aid of DIC technique

Lei Ding, Jianping Lin, Junying Min, Zheng Pang, You Ye

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Electro-elastic fields of piezoelectric materials with an elliptic hole under uniform internal shearing forces

Yanliang Du, Shuhong Liu, Shijie Duan, Yanqiang Li

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Theory and experimental verification on valveless piezoelectric pump with multistage Y-shape treelike bifurcate tubes

Jun Huang, Jianhui Zhang, Xianchao Xun, Shouyin Wang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Effects of meridional flow passage shape on hydraulic performance of mixed-flow pump impellers

Hao Bing, Shuliang Cao, Lei Tan, Baoshan Zhu

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Effect of geometrical parameters on submerged cavitation jet discharged from profiled central-body nozzle

Minguan Yang, Shengnan Xiao, Can Kang, Yuli Wang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Method of electric powertrain matching for battery-powered electric cars

Guobao Ning, Lu Xiong, Lijun Zhang, Zhuoping Yu

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Design and optimization for the occupant restraint system of vehicle based on a single freedom model

Junyuan Zhang, Yue Ma, Chao Chen, Yan Zhang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Skyhook-based semi-active control of full-vehicle suspension with magneto-rheological dampers

Hailong Zhang, Enrong Wang, Fuhong Min, Rakheja Subash, Chunyi Su

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Tread wear and footprint geometrical characters of truck bus radial tires

Chen Liang, Guolin Wang, Dengfeng An, Yinwei Ma

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Performance development target setting of passenger car diesel engine

Guangyong Zheng, Xiumin Yu, Jiangwei Liu, Tao Song, Wenxiang Li

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Multi-point contact of the high-speed vehicle-turnout system dynamics

Zunsong Ren

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Empirical study of classification process for two-stage turbo air classifier in series

Yuan Yu, Jiaxiang Liu, Gang Li

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Load-sharing characteristic of multiple pinions driving in tunneling boring machine

Jing Wei, Qinchao Sun, Wei Sun, Xin Ding, Wenping Tu, Qingguo Wang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Design theory of full face rock tunnel boring machine transition cutter edge angle and its application

Zhaohuang Zhang, Liang Meng, Fei Sun

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Three-dimensional tool radius compensation for multi-axis peripheral milling

Youdong Chen, Tianmiao Wang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Prediction of dynamic cutting force and regenerative chatter stability in inserted cutters milling

Zhongqun Li, Qiang Liu, Songmei Yuan, Kaisheng Huang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Three-dimensional finite element analysis of the mechanical properties of helical thread connection

Guoqing Yang, Jun Hong, Linbo Zhu, Baotong Li, Meihua Xiong, Fei Wang

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Reverse engineering of machine-tool settings with modified roll for spiral bevel pinions

Guanglei Liu, Kai Chang, Zeliang Liu

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Dexterity analysis for omni-directional wheeled mobile manipulator based on double quaternion

Bin Du, Jing Zhao, Chunyu Song

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Rule- and PSO algorithm-based dynamic spatial rescheduling method for hull curved block construction

Zhiying Zhang, Jiayu Gu, Chen Xu, Zhen Li

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Adaptive multiscale method for two-dimensional nanoscale adhesive contacts

Ruiting Tong, Geng Liu, Lan Liu, Liyan Wu

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Analysis on collapse strength of casing wear

Erguo Liang, Zifeng Li, Yong Han, Guoqin Li, Peipei Guo

01-05-2013 | Issue 3/2013

Power flow response based dynamic topology optimization of bi-material plate Structures

Xiaoguang Xue, Guoxi Li, Yeping Xiong, Jingzhong Gong

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