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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 3/2014

Issue 3/2014

Table of Contents ( 26 Articles )

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Proceeding of human exoskeleton technology and discussions on future research

Zhiqiang Li, Hanxing Xie, Weilin Li, Zheng Yao

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Recursive least square vehicle mass estimation based on acceleration partition

Yuan Feng, Lu Xiong, Zhuoping Yu, Tong Qu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A novel estimating method for steering efficiency of the driver with electromyography signals

Yahui Liu, Xuewu Ji, Ryouhei Hayama, Takahiro Mizuno

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

An improved cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) algorithm considering invalid communication

Pangwei Wang, Yunpeng Wang, Guizhen Yu, Tieqiao Tang

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Sensor configuration and test for fault diagnoses of subway braking system based on signed digraph method

Jianyong Zuo, Zhongkai Chen

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Carbody structural lightweighting based on implicit parameterized model

Xin Chen, Fangwu Ma, Dengfeng Wang, Chen Xie

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Prediction-based manufacturing center self-adaptive demand side energy optimization in cyber physical systems

Xinyao Sun, Xue Wang, Jiangwei Wu, Youda Liu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Fatigue crack initiation potential from defects in terms of local stress analysis

Mingliang Zhu, Fuzhen Xuan

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Impact of heat shield structure in the growth process of Czochralski silicon derived from numerical simulation

Jing Zhang, Ding Liu, Yue Zhao, Shangbin Jiao

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Disassemblability modeling technology of configurable product based on disassembly constraint relation weighted design structure matrix(DSM)

Lemiao Qiu, Xiaojian Liu, Shuyou Zhang, Liangfeng Sun

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Review on applications of 3D inverse design method for pump

Junlian Yin, Dezhong Wang

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Pre-deformation for assembly performance of machine centers

Yongping Sun, Delun Wang, Huimin Dong, Runiu Xue, Shudong Yu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Unified coordinate system model for performance calculation of fix-pad journal bearing with different pad preload

Aibin Zhu, Yulei Yang, Wei Chen, Xiaoyang Yuan

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Surface roughness and roundness of bearing raceway machined by floating abrasive polishing and their effects on bearing’s running noise

Guibing Pang, Xuezhi Qi, Qinyi Ma, Xiujun Zhao, Chunsheng Wen, Wenji Xu, Yanping Peng

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Rapid springback compensation for age forming based on quasi Newton method

Wei Xiong, Zhong Gan, Shipeng Xiong, Yushan Xia

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Theoretical and experimental research on error analysis and optimization of tool path in fabricating aspheric compound eyes by precision micro milling

Mingjun Chen, Yong Xiao, Wenlan Tian, Chunya Wu, Xin Chu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Effectiveness of a passive-active vibration isolation system with actuator constraints

Lingling Sun, Wei Sun, Kongjie Song, Colin H. Hansen

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Unsteady flow simulations in a three-lobe positive displacement blower

Xiaomin Liu, Jun Lu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Overall life cycle comprehensive assessment of pneumatic and electric actuator

Yeming Zhang, Maolin Cai

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Theoretical analysis and experimental verification on valve-less piezoelectric pump with hemisphere-segment bluff-body

Jing Ji, Jianhui Zhang, Qixiao Xia, Shouyin Wang, Jun Huang, Chunsheng Zhao

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Numerical and experimental study on flow-induced noise at blade-passing frequency in centrifugal pumps

Jun Yang, Shouqi Yuan, Jianping Yuan, Qiaorui Si, Ji Pei

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Experimental study of the influence of flow passage subtle variation on mixed-flow pump performance

Hao Bing, Shuliang Cao

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Control of the dielectric microrods rotation in liquid by alternating current electric field

Yukun Ren, Bin Li, Hongyuan Jiang

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Analysis of the flow rate characteristics of valveless piezoelectric pump with fractal-like Y-shape branching tubes

Jun Huang, Jianhui Zhang, Shouyin Wang, Weidong Liu

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

Numerical simulation and analysis of power consumption and Metzner-Otto constant for impeller of 6PBT

Deyu Luan, Qiao Chen, Shenjie Zhou

01-05-2014 | Issue 3/2014

A task-oriented modular and agent-based collaborative design mechanism for distributed product development

Jinfei Liu, Ming Chen, Lei Wang, Qidi Wu

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