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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 4/2014

Issue 4/2014

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Kinematics and dynamics of deployable structures with scissor-like-elements based on screw theory

Yuantao Sun, Sanmin Wang, James K. Mills, Changjian Zhi

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Design principle of high-precision flexure mechanisms based on parasitic-motion compensation

Shouzhong Li, Jingjun Yu

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Development of a drilling and coring test-bed for lunar subsurface exploration and preliminary experiments

Xiaomeng Shi, Zongquan Deng, Qiquan Quan, Dewei Tang, Xuyan Hou, Shengyuan Jiang

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Topology structure synthesis and analysis of spatial pyramid deployable truss structures for satellite SAR antenna

Yan Wang, Zongquan Deng, Rongqiang Liu, Hui Yang, Hongwei Guo

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Error modeling and sensitivity analysis of a parallel robot with SCARA(selective compliance assembly robot arm) motions

Yuzhen Chen, Fugui Xie, Xinjun Liu, Yanhua Zhou

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Compliance modeling and analysis of a 3-RPS parallel kinematic machine module

Jun Zhang, Yanqin Zhao, Jiansheng Dai

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Structural scheme optimization design for the stationary platen of a precision plastic injection molding machine

Bin Ren, Shuyou Zhang, Jianrong Tan

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Decomposition method of complex optimization model based on global sensitivity analysis

Qingying Qiu, Bing Li, Peien Feng, Yu Gao

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Error analysis of FLC experimental data at warm/hot stamping conditions

Weimin Zhuang, Mengxi Zhang, Yanhong Chen

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Control of surface thermal scratch of strip in tandem cold rolling

Jinshan Chen, Changsheng Li

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Numerical calculation and experimental research on crack arrest by detour effect and joule heating of high pulsed current in remanufacturing

Jing Yu, Hongchao Zhang, Dewei Deng, Shengzhi Hao, Asif Iqbal

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Strength-toughening model of eutectic ceramic composite with inherent defects

Yunwei Fu, Long Zhang, Xinhua Ni, Xiequan Liu, Cheng Chen, Siyuan Zhao

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Numerical analysis of static performance comparison of friction stir welded versus riveted 2024-T3 aluminum alloy stiffened panels

Qing Shao, Yuting He, Teng Zhang, Liming Wu

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Transient-spatial pattern mining of eddy current pulsed thermography using wavelet transform

Hailong Yang, Bin Gao, Guiyun Tian, Wenwei Ren, Wai Lok Woo

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Measurement method of compressibility and thermal expansion coefficients for density standard liquid at 2329 kg/m3 based on hydrostatic suspension principle

Jintao Wang, Ziyong Liu, Changhong Xu, Zhanhong Li

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Dynamic characteristics of multi-degrees of freedom system rotor-bearing system with coupling faults of rub-impact and crack

Zhaohui Ren, Shihua Zhou, Chaofeng Li, Bangchun Wen

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Fuzzy chaos control for vehicle lateral dynamics based on active suspension system

Chen Huang, Long Chen, Haobin Jiang, Chaochun Yuan, Tian Xia

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Adaptive robust motion trajectory tracking control of pneumatic cylinders with LuGre model-based friction compensation

Deyuan Meng, Guoliang Tao, Hao Liu, Xiaocong Zhu

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Dynamic performance of high speed solenoid valve with parallel coils

Xiaowu Kong, Shizhen Li

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Simulation analysis and experimental verification of spiral-tube-type valveless piezoelectric pump with gyroscopic effect

Xuefei Leng, Jianhui Zhang, Yan Jiang, Shouyin Wang, Chunsheng Zhao

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

High-efficiency approach for fabricating MTE rotor by micro-EDM and micro-extrusion

Xuesong Geng, Guanxin Chi, Yukui Wang, Zhenlong Wang

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Influence of surrounding structures upon the aerodynamic and acoustic performance of the outdoor unit of a split air-conditioner

Chengjun Wu, Jiang Liu, Jie Pan

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Turned trochoidal disturbance on a liquid jet surface

Shalom Sadik, Felix Kirzhner, Denis Kramarenko

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Dynamic coupling correlation of gas film in dry gas seal with spiral groove

Zhengxian Liu, Musu Wang, Yue Zhou, Ningning Wu

01-07-2014 | Issue 4/2014

Taboo search algorithm for item assignment in synchronized zone automated order picking system

Yingying Wu, Yaohua Wu

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