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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 5/2013

Issue 5/2013

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Dynamic modeling and simulation of multi-body systems using the Udwadia-Kalaba theory

Han Zhao, Shengchao Zhen, Ye-Hwa Chen

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Kinematic solution of spherical Stephenson-III six-bar mechanism

Yanfang Liu, Suixian Yang

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Effects of joint on dynamics of space deployable structure

Hongwei Guo, Jing Zhang, Rongqiang Liu, Zongquan Deng

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Feedback attitude sliding mode regulation control of spacecraft using arm motion

Ye Shi, Bin Liang, Dong Xu, Xueqian Wang, Wenfu Xu

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Kinematics and dynamics analysis of a quadruped walking robot with parallel leg mechanism

Hongbo Wang, Lingfeng Sang, Xing Hu, Dianfan Zhang, Hongnian Yu

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Analysis on the performance of the SLIP runner with nonlinear spring leg

Haitao Yu, Mantian Li, Hegao Cai

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Optimal load balancing leveling method for multi-leg flexible platforms

Xianyue Gang, Shan Chai

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Optimal design of a main driving mechanism for servo punch press based on performance atlases

Yanhua Zhou, Fugui Xie, Xinjun Liu

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Emergency local searching approach for job shop scheduling

Ning Zhao, Siyu Chen, Yanhua Du

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Metamodel-based global optimization using fuzzy clustering for design space reduction

Yulin Li, Li Liu, Teng Long, Weili Dong

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Development of FPGA based NURBS interpolator and motion controller with multiprocessor technique

Huan Zhao, Limin Zhu, Zhenhua Xiong, Han Ding

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Modification design method for an enveloping hourglass worm gear with consideration of machining and misalignment errors

Xingqiao Deng, Jinge Wang, Mark F. Horstemeyer

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Numerical investigation of the aerodynamic performance affected by spiral inlet and outlet in a positive displacement blower

Xiaomin Liu, Jun Lu, Renheng Gao, Guang Xi

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Numerical simulation and experimental research on passive hydrodynamic bearing in a blood pump

Qing Han, Xiaodong Ruan, Wenyu Chen, Xin Fu

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Dynamic stiffness deterioration of a machining center based on relative excitation method

Erhua Wang, Bo Wu, Youmin Hu, Shuzi Yang, Yao Cheng

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

On-machine precision preparation and dressing of ball-headed diamond wheel for the grinding of fused silica

Mingjun Chen, Ziang Li, Bo Yu, Hui Peng, Zhen Fang

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Composite adaptive control of belt polishing force for aero-engine blade

Pengbing Zhsao, Yaoyao Shi

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

New method to improve dynamic stiffness of electro-hydraulic servo systems

Yanhong Bai, Long Quan

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Principle and experimental verification of novel dual driving face rotary ultrasonic motor

Xiaolong Lu, Junhui Hu, Lin Yang, Chunsheng Zhao

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Fracture assessment for electron beam welded damage tolerant Ti-6Al-4V alloy by the FITNET procedure

Wei Lu, Yaowu Shi, Xiaoyan Li, Yongping Lei

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Flexible time domain averaging technique

Ming Zhao, Jing Lin, Yaguo Lei, Xiufeng Wang

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Improved multi-objective ant colony optimization algorithm and its application in complex reasoning

Xinqing Wang, Yang Zhao, Dong Wang, Huijie Zhu, Qing Zhang

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Feature extraction of kernel regress reconstruction for fault diagnosis based on self-organizing manifold learning

Xiaoguang Chen, Lin Liang, Guanghua Xu, Dan Liu

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Reliability design for impact vibration of hydraulic pressure pipeline systems

Tianxiao Zhang, Xinhui Liu

01-09-2013 | Issue 5/2013

Metal flowing of involute spline cold roll-beating forming

Fengkui Cui, Xiaoqiang Wang, Fengshou Zhang, Hongyu Xu, Jianhui Quan, Yan Li

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