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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 5/2014

Issue 5/2014

Table of Contents ( 24 Articles )

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Gait analysis of a radial symmetrical hexapod robot based on parallel mechanisms

Kun Xu, Xilun Ding

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Optimal control of a universal rotating magnetic vector for petal-shaped capsule robot in curve environment

Yongshun Zhang, Jianwei Bai, Minglu Chi, Cunxin Cheng, Dianlong Wang

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Running accuracy analysis of a 3-RRR parallel kinematic machine considering the deformations of the links

Liping Wang, Yao Jiang, Tiemin Li

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Topological modeling of a one stage spur gear transmission

Mariem Miladi Chaabane, Régis Plateaux, Jean-Yves Choley, Chafik Karra, Alain Riviere, Mohamed Haddar

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Design and test analysis of a solar array root hinge drive assembly

Xilun Ding, Xin Li

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Kinetostatics analysis of a novel 6-DOF parallel manipulator with three planar limbs and equipped with three fingers

Yi Lu, Xuepeng Li

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Comparative analysis of PSO algorithms for PID controller tuning

Goranka Štimac, Sanjin Braut, Roberto Žigulić

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Nonlinear dynamic modeling for a diesel engine propeller shafting used in large marines

Qinglei Zhang, Jianguo Duan, Suohuai Zhang, Yumin Fu

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Thermal fluid-solid interaction model and experimental validation for hydrostatic mechanical face seals

Weifeng Huang, Chuanjun Liao, Xiangfeng Liu, Shuangfu Suo, Ying Liu, Yuming Wang

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Modeling and calculation of impact friction caused by corner contact in gear transmission

Changjiang Zhou, Siyu Chen

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Dry friction and wear characteristics of impregnated graphite in a corrosive environment

Qian Jia, Xiaoyang Yuan, Guoyuan Zhang, Guangneng Dong, Weigang Zhao

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

A Comparison in laser precision drilling of stainless steel 304 with nanosecond and picosecond laser pulses

Hongyu Zhang, Jianke Di, Ming Zhou, Yu Yan

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Modeling, simulation and control of pulsed DE-GMA welding process for joining of aluminum to steel

Gang Zhang, Yu Shi, Jie Li, Jiankang Huang, Ding Fan

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Conjugate heat transfer analysis of an ultrasonic molten metal treatment system

Youli Zhu, Feilong Bian, Yanli Wang, Qian Zhao

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Simulation-based estimation of thermal behavior of direct feed drive mechanism with updated finite element model

Xiankun Lin, Yanjun Li, Haolin Li

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Identification of kinematic errors of five-axis machine tool trunnion axis from finished test piece

Ya Zhang, Jianzhong Fu, Zichen Chen

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Oil pocket’s bearing capacity analysis of liquid hydrostatic worktable in Gantry Moving Milling Center

Jianhua Zhao, Yingna Liang, Dianrong Gao

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Identification of maximum road friction coefficient and optimal slip ratio based on road type recognition

Hsin Guan, Bo Wang, Pingping Lu, Liang Xu

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Objective evaluation method of steering comfort based on movement quality evaluation of driver steering maneuver

Yiyong Yang, Yahui Liu, Man Wang, Run Ji, Xuewu Ji

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Fault location identification for localized intermittent connection problems on CAN networks

Yong Lei, Yong Yuan, Yichao Sun

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

ASCS online fault detection and isolation based on an improved MPCA

Jianxin Peng, Haiou Liu, Yuhui Hu, Junqiang Xi, Huiyan Chen

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Analytical solutions of cracks emanating from an elliptic hole in an infinite plate under tension

Shuhong Liu, Shijie Duan

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Modeling and analysis of a rotary direct drive servovalve

Jue Yu, Jian Zhuang, Dehong Yu

01-09-2014 | Issue 5/2014

Physics-based modeling and simulation for motional cable harness design

Jianhua Liu, Tao Zhao, Ruxin Ning, Jiashun Liu

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