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Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 6/2016

Issue 6/2016

Table of Contents ( 25 Articles )

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Special issue on future digital design and manufacturing: Embracing industry 4.0 and beyond

Shengfeng Qin, Kai Cheng

27-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Engineering the smart factory

Robert Harrison, Daniel Vera, Bilal Ahmad

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Exploring barriers and opportunities in adopting crowdsourcing based new product development in manufacturing SMEs

Shengfeng Qin, David Van Der Velde, Emmanouil Chatzakis, Terry McStea, Neil Smith

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Development of the supply chain oriented quality assurance system for aerospace manufacturing SMEs and its implementation perspectives

Abdullahi Hussein, Kai Cheng

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Collaborative simulation method with spatiotemporal synchronization process control

Yisheng Zou, Guofu Ding, Weihua Zhang, Jian Zhang, Shengfeng Qin, John Kian Tan

26-09-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Simulation based energy-resource efficient manufacturing integrated with in-process virtual management

Kanet Katchasuwanmanee, Kai Cheng, Richard Bateman

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Integrated simulation method for interaction between manufacturing process and machine tool

Wanqun Chen, Dehong Huo, Wenkun Xie, Xiangyu Teng, Jiayi Zhang

26-09-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Digital evaluation of sitting posture comfort in human-vehicle system under industry 4.0 framework

Qing Tao, Jinsheng Kang, Wenlei Sun, Zhaobo Li, Xiao Huo

26-09-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Exploring local regularities for 3D object recognition

Huaiwen Tian, Shengfeng Qin

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Fabrication and thermal conductivity improvement of novel composite adsorbents adding with nanoparticles

Qibai Wu, Xiaofen Yu, Haiyan Zhang, Yiming Chen, Liying Liu, Xialin Xie, Ke Tang, Yiji Lu, Yaodong Wang, Anthony Paul Roskilly

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Effect of train carbody’s parameters on vertical bending stiffness performance

Guangwu Yang, Changke Wang, Futeng Xiang, Shoune Xiao

26-09-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Digital relief generation from 3D models

Meili Wang, Yu Sun, Hongming Zhang, Kun Qian, Jian Chang, Dongjian He

26-09-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Form gene clustering method about pan-ethnic-group products based on emotional semantic

Dengkai Chen, Jingjing Ding, Minzhuo Gao, Danping Ma, Donghui Liu

26-09-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Wireless device connection problems and design solutions

Ji-Won Song, Donald Norman, Tek-Jin Nam, Shengfeng Qin

11-08-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Description of a propulsion unit used in guiding a walking machine by recognizing a three-point bordered path

Diego A Núñez-Altamirano, Ignacio Juárez-Campos, Lucia Márquez-Pérez, Ociel Flores-Díaz

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Dynamic soft tissue deformation estimation based on energy analysi

Dedong Gao, Yong Lei, Bin Yao

20-08-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Global dynamic modeling of electro-hydraulic 3-UPS/S parallel stabilized platform by bond graph

Lijie Zhang, Fei Guo, Yongquan Li, Wenjuan Lu

27-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Analysis of machinable structures and their wettability of rotary ultrasonic texturing method

Shaolin Xu, Keita Shimada, Masayoshi Mizutani, Tsunemoto Kuriyagawa

20-08-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Scale effects and a method for similarity evaluation in micro electrical discharge machining

Qingyu Liu, Qinhe Zhang, Kan Wang, Guang Zhu, Xiuzhuo Fu, Jianhua Zhang

27-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Surface topography and roughness of high-speed milled AlMn1Cu

Zhenhua Wang, Juntang Yuan, Zengbin Yin, Xiaoqiu Hu

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Influence of blade thickness on transient flow characteristics of centrifugal slurry pump with semi-open impeller

Yi Tao, Shouqi Yuan, Jianrui Liu, Fan Zhang, Jianping Tao

27-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Method for evaluating the reliability of compressor impeller of turbocharger for vehicle application in plateau area

Zheng Wang, Zengquan Wang, A-na Wang, Li Zhuang, Jinwei Wang

20-08-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Gas film disturbance characteristics analysis of high-speed and high-pressure dry gas seal

Yuan Chen, Jinbo Jiang, Xudong Peng

01-11-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Effect of magnetic field on forced convection between two nanofluid laminar flows in a channel

Afrasiab Raisi, Ahmad Qanbary

24-10-2016 | Issue 6/2016

Thermo-physical characteristics of nickel-coated aluminum powder as a function of particle size and oxidant

Sanghyup Lee, Kwanyoung Noh, Jihwan Lim, Woongsup Yoon

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